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日143.6 billion right-hander’s disastrous season out… Between Park Chan-ho and Ryu Hyun-jin, where will they be in five years?

Darvish Yu (37, San Diego Padres) is out for the season.

MLB.com announced on Wednesday that Darvish Yu was out for the season. Yu signed a six-year, $108 million extension prior to this season, but his first season was not a good one. In 24 games, he went 8-10 with a 4.56 ERA.

His last start came on Aug. 26 against the Milwaukee Brewers. Darvish complained of elbow pain afterward. The long-term, big-money signing expressed his intention to return after treatment, but ultimately opted to go down for the season. In fact, the whole season wasn’t good. In August, he went five games without a win and three losses with a 4.66 ERA. His last win came on July 30 against the Texas Rangers, when he allowed three runs on six hits with nine strikeouts and two walks in six innings.

According to MLB.com, “Darvish was examined in late August and found to have irritation in his elbow bone. He initially received a cortisone shot and recently started playing catch, but the elbow was still sore. When he was healthy this year, he was mostly inconsistent.”

This isn’t Darvish’s first elbow issue. He had arthroscopic surgery on his elbow during the 2018 season with the Chicago Cubs. He was back healthy in time for the 2019 season. “There’s a little bit of frustration,” Darvish said. I have an elbow stress reaction, and I basically need time for it to heal,” Darvish said.

According to MLB.com, “Darvish will not throw for at least six weeks. At that point, he will be re-evaluated. Only then will it be clear whether he will undergo similar surgery.” We’ll have to wait until the end of October to find out.

Darvish surpassed 100 career wins this season. With 103 wins, he is third all-time in Asian Major League Baseball and first all-time in Asian Major League Baseball. He may have lost this season, but he has five years to make it up. It’s only a matter of time before he surpasses Chan Ho Park as the all-time wins leader in the Asian major leagues.메이저사이트

However, his health is the biggest concern when it comes to overtaking Chan Ho Park. He has plenty of time, but he needs to take care of his health now. In the worst case scenario, Tommy John surgery could take him out for more than a year. Even if the elbow issue is resolved, at 37, he is already a veteran in his late 30s. The question is, where will he be in five years?

Top 10 Most Wins by an Asian Major League Baseball Pitcher

Park Chan-ho/Korea/124 wins, 98 losses, 4.36 ERA/1993 innings

Hideo Nomo/Japan/123 wins, 109 losses, 4.24 ERA/1976⅓ innings

Darvish Yu/JP/103 wins, 85 losses, 3.59 ERA/1624⅓ innings

Hideki Kuroda/JP/79 wins, 79 losses, 3.45 ERA, 1319 innings pitched

Masahiro Tanaka/JP/78 wins, 46 losses, 3.74 ERA in 1054⅓ innings

류현진/한국/78승48패/평균자책점 3.25/1043⅓이닝

왕젠밍/대만/68승34패/평균자책점 4.36/845⅔이닝

Hisashi Iwakuma/Japan/63-39-3, 3.42 ERA/883⅔ innings pitched

Genta Maeda/Japan/63-48-3, 3.96 ERA/851 innings pitched

천웨인/대만/59승51패/평균자책점 4.18/1064⅔이닝 

While Darvish rests, Ryu Hyun-jin and Maeda slowly catch up to him. They are 2-3 behind Darvish for the most wins by an active Asian major leaguer. Ryu took the loss against the Texas Rangers after giving up three runs in six innings and getting no offensive support. He has lost two straight to fall to 78 wins.

Of course, it’s extremely unlikely that Darvish will be chased by Ryu and Maeda anytime soon, as they are both free agents after this season. They’ll need to sign new, longer contracts to keep up with Darvish.


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