Thursday Sep 21, 2023

1 hit in 12 at-bats in practice matches 0.083, the 4th hitter of the Japanese national team who couldn’t rest even on holidays

1 hit in 12 at-bats, batting average of 8.3.

This is the result of Munetaka Murakami (23, Yakult Swallows), the 4th hitter of the Japanese national team, in 4 practice games. The opening of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) was approaching, but the bat was cold.

Murakami batted fourth in the game before the practice game. Most experts predict the batting order and talk about various combinations, but Murakami is the undisputed number 4. A home run hitter who hit ’56 home runs’ in one season has only 4 spots to go. Expectations are so high.

bad flow In a practice game against the Softbank Hawks held on the 25th and 26th of last month, he recorded 3 walks with no hits in 4 at bats in 7 at bats. In a practice game against Chunichi Dragons on the 3rd, he got his first hit in 3 games. He hit to right in his second at-bat in the fourth inning. After that, both at-bats were grounded to second baseman. 1 hit in 4 at-bats. 토토사이트

Chunichi match on the 4th. He appeared as a designated hitter for the first time. The subdued sense of blow did not come back. He struck out on a swing in the first at-bat in the second inning as the leadoff batter. He retired with a fly ball to left field, a ground ball to shortstop, and a ground ball to first base in the other three at-bats.

On the 5th, which was his rest day, Murakami practiced hitting without a break. He practiced hard for about an hour. Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels), who was playing catch ball nearby, watched it. A hard-hitting ball pierced the protection net and flew near Ohtani. He even chatted with his senior Ohtani for a while. On this day, the Japanese national team moved from Nagoya to Osaka.

The Japanese national team will have practice matches against the Hanshin Tigers on the 6th and the Orix Buffaloes on the 7th. Can Murakami find a sense of hitting in these two matches?

The Japanese national team is scheduled to play the WBC Round 1 against China on the 9th and Korea on the 10th.


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