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104 pitches of victory from the first pitch Choi Won-tae… Kim Seong-wook returns home run after 2 years and 6 months

 On the 5th, when the spring rain that quenched the drought soaked the country, only two professional baseball games were held at Gocheok Dome and Jamsil Stadium.

At Gocheok Dome, Kiwoom Heroes defeated the LG Twins and won the first 3 wins (1 loss) in the league.

In Jamsil, the NC Dinos defeated the Doosan Bears with the power of the other line, who scored 8 points in the second inning, and recovered a 50% win rate (2 wins, 2 losses).안전놀이터

The KIA Tigers-kt wiz (Suwon KT Wiz Park), Lotte Giants-SSG Landers (Incheon SSG Landers Field), and Hanwha Eagles-Samsung Lions (Daegu Samsung Lions Park) games were canceled due to rain.

Kiwoom won 2-1 in a home game against Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League LG in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 5th with a good pitch from starter Choi Won-tae.

With the victory on this day, Kiwoom took revenge for the loss against LG the previous day and became 3 wins and 1 loss in the season.

Kiwoom starter Choi Won-tae won the first appearance of the season by throwing 6 innings, 5 hits, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts and 1 run.

Choi Won-tae used various balls such as a fastball with a maximum speed of 151 km per hour, a slider, a changeup, and a curve to block the LG lineup.

Unlike last year, when he went down the mound without passing 100 pitches, he threw 104 pitches, blocked 6 innings with 1 run, and fulfilled his duties as a starting pitcher.

Kiwoom made the final point without missing the gap in the LG defense that was shaken in the first inning.

Leading hitter Lee Yong-kyu went on base with a right-handed hit, while LG shortstop Oh Ji-hwan missed a grounder hit by second hitter Kim Hye-seong.

Kim Woong-bin, who batted third on second and third base, hit a ground ball in front of the pitcher.

LG starting pitcher Lee Min-ho, who caught the batted ball, threw to third base to catch Lee Yong-gyu, who had started from third base.

The LG defense succeeded in trapping Lee Yong-gyu between the third base and home, but in the process of narrowing, third baseman Moon Bo-gyeong missed the ball and Lee Yong-gyu stepped on the home in the meantime.

Kiwoom, who easily scored the first run with two errors, added one more point with Addison Russell’s infield hit on the pitcher’s side at second and third base, which continued unscathed.

Against Kiwoom starter Choi Won-tae, the LG batting line, which went on base every inning and did not see results, followed with 1 run in the 4th inning.

Leading batter Austin Dean reached base with a hit in front of left fielder, and Oh Ji-hwan brought Austin home with a double in left center.

However, Park Dong-won and Moon Bo-gyeong retreated with a floating ball in the continued second base opportunity, and Seo Geon-chang retreated with a grounder in the infield.

Kiwoom also almost lost a point because of a mistake.

After one out in the 7th inning with a 2-1 lead, rookie first baseman Kim Geon-hee threw Seo Geon-chang’s ground ball to the back.

Afterwards, Kiwoom’s second pitcher Moon Seong-hyeon, who hit pinch hitter Lee Chun-woong and walked Hong Chang-ki, got out of the crisis by treating Moon Seong-joo as a grounder and Kim Hyun-soo as a fly ball.

Kiwoom put Kim Tae-hoon in the 8th inning and Kim Jae-woong in the 9th inning on the mound to block the LG batting line and keep a 2-1 victory.

In the Kiwoom lineup, Kim Woong-bin, who replaced Lee Jung-hoo as the third hitter, was the only multi-hit player (two or more hits in one game) with two hits in four at-bats, and catcher Lee Ji-young helped to win by stopping stealing twice decisively in the first and fifth innings. added

■ Kim Seong-wook, 2 hits, 3 RBIs, 2 points in 4 at-bats, including a come-from-

behind three-runner, played an active role NC won 9-3 against Doosan in the game held in Jamsil.

NC, who lost 0-1 to Doosan the day before, succeeded in revenge by concentrating firepower.

NC overturned the game by scoring 8 points with 2 walks and 8 hits in the top of the second inning, behind 0-1.

Seok-Min Park and Young-Soo Oh picked out walks, and Seong-Wook Kim hit Doosan starter Seung-Yong Choi’s curve in 2 out 1 out 1st and 2nd base and fired a 115m reverse three-runner.

Kim Seong-wook, who underwent elbow bone sprain removal surgery after being discharged from Commerce last year, hit a home run 2 years and 6 months after the Samsung Lions match on October 4, 2020.

Kim Seong-wook played an active role with 2 hits, 3 RBIs and 2 points in 4 at-bats, including a come-from-behind three-run.

Following hitter Park Min-woo’s infield hit and Park Se-hyeok’s fly ball, six consecutive hits came out.

Park Kun-woo, Han Seok-hyeon, Son Ah-seop, Park Seok-min, Oh Young-soo, and Kim Joo-won added 5 points by attacking Choi Seung-yong’s pitches one after another.

Doosan starter Choi Seung-yong collapsed with 10 hits and 8 runs in 1⅔innings, and wrote the yoke of defeat.

NC starter Shin Min-hyuk won his first win of the season with 7 hits, 3 walks, 4 strikeouts and 3 runs (3 earned runs), filling 6 innings with 101 balls.

However, NC was not quite happy that day as Jason Martin and Park Min-woo were replaced with right flank pain and hamstring muscle tension in the 2nd and 4th innings, respectively.


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