Thursday Sep 28, 2023

“143 goals SON dropped hints of future in Tottenham” British media speculation

‘Son Heung-min drops Tottenham future hint after reaching new goal landmark’

On the 17th (Korean time), this is the headline written by Alasdair Gold, a journalist specializing in Tottenham for Football London, a football magazine in London, England.

‘Heung-Min Son believes he has ‘a few more years’ at Tottenham to move higher in the Tottenham top goalscorer rankings,’ he wrote.안전놀이터

Son Heung-min recently recorded 3 goals and 1 assist in 5 English Premier League (EPL) games, and has recorded 12 goals and 4 assists throughout his entire season. Against Bournemouth, which was defeated 2-3 on the 15th, Son Heung-min scored his 143rd goal in Tottenham’s career with a thrilling opening goal in the 14th minute of the first half. Football London said, ‘Son Heung-min made clear his will to score more goals for Tottenham over the next few years in reference to Cliff Jones, who is recording 159 goals-5th.’

When asked how many more goals he would like to score for Tottenham in the future, Son replied, “I still have a few more years to play. So I will continue to work hard to score more goals.” “I will do my best because I want to rise a little higher (on the top goalscoring list),” he said. “It is a great honor to play for this club for many years,” he did not hide his affection for Tottenham. “Of course, I’m not focused on trying to equal that record, I just want to help the team, but it’s a great honor to be compared to Tottenham legend Jermaine Defoe, who has scored many goals for Tottenham,” he said. I think it’s something to be proud of,” he added.

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, captain of Tottenham, praised all the achievements of Son Heung-min, who has been consistently running as a sincere and steady striker for 8 years, from his first goal against Crystal Palace in September 2015, 8 years ago, to his 100th goal against Brighton and his 143rd goal in Tottenham’s career that day. sent “Honestly, Son Heung-Min is still the same player he was before. The years have gone by so fast. He’s just as passionate, just as optimistic, just as energetic. He just scored 100 more goals in the Premier League.” “Son Heung-min has built up his reputation and stats step by step, and he has built up his importance in our team,” he added. “People outside here don’t know Heung-Min Son. We know Heung-Min Son more deeply from being here with him every day. He always has the same attitude. To be honest, Heung-Min Son who came here in 2015 and Heung-Min Son now There is no difference between Min and Min, except for the difference in goals and stats.” “The will and greed are still the same. I don’t know where his limits are,” he praised.

“Each year he reached a different level, and today he stands shoulder to shoulder with the best players in the world. Probably the best Asian player ever. More important than all of this is the human side. I am happy to be with him. Clearly, he will want to continue doing the same for years to come.”


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