Thursday Sep 28, 2023

‘145km rooting lightspeed sidearm’ bibongo ace Lee Woo-hyun dazzles scouts with his Bronze Age reverse-fighting prowess

Bibongo right-handed ace Lee Woo-hyun tasted defeat in Cheongryonggi.

Bibongo lost to Masan Yongmago 10-1 in a cold game in the seventh inning in the round of 16 of the 78th Cheongryonggi National High School Baseball Championship and Weekend League Wangjungwang.

Masan Yongmago exploded for 12 hits and seven walks with ace Jang Hyun-seok rested to secure the win and advance to the quarterfinals of the Cheongryonggi.

Bibongo took an early lead in the first inning with a solo home run by third baseman Park Min-koo, but gave up two runs on defensive errors in the bottom of the first inning, then gave up three runs on three consecutive hits with an error in the fourth inning and three runs on five hits in the bottom of the fifth inning to lose the game 10-1 in the sixth inning.바카라사이트

Lee appeared to get out of the jam in the bottom of the first inning when he got Kwon Hee-jae to pop out to end the inning with the bases loaded, but he gave up a run on the ensuing defence.

A right-handed sidearm pitcher with a fastball in the low 140s, Lee Woo-hyun is a 185cm, 80kg high school senior.

Lee took the mound with the bases loaded in the top of the eighth inning against Busan Information SBC in the round of 32 of the Cheongryonggi on 19 April and pitched a no-hitter with five strikeouts to lead the Bibongo baseball team, which was founded in 2018, to its best-ever round of 16 finish in the Cheongryonggi.

This season, he has appeared in 10 games and thrown 38 innings, posting a 3-1 record with 23 hits, 30 walks, 60 strikeouts, 20 runs (15 earned) and a 3.55 ERA. Here’s a video of Lee’s powerful pitching performance on the Cheongryonggi stage.


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