Monday Mar 20, 2023

Franchise Star → Travel to Daegu on an expedition… The ‘love’ of my parents was still warm 

“I feel strange. I came to Daegu, but it’s a hotel…” Kim Sang-soo (33) appeared in Daegu. However, it is the ‘away team’. Now, he is Kim Sang-soo of KT. Daegu became an expedition. The fans warmly welcomed them with applause and cheers. Kim Sang-soo lowered his head. Kim Sang-soo played as a substitute in the second game of the two-game […]

Will this year be different… ‘Moon Dong-joo and Kim Seo-hyun reverse fight’ Hanwha, 3 consecutive wins, joint lead

LG, who aspires to win, also tied for first place…Kim Tae-hun, who joined Samsung as a compensation player for Oh Ji-hwan’s performance in the national team , hit a home run against his former team kt  Correspondent Han Nam-jik = Hanhwa, which was at the bottom of the Korean professional baseball league for 3 consecutive years, […]

“If you think it will be too late, you should leave at all”… Absence of 156km finish, salt quantity is long-term view

“If you think you will be late, you should leave at all leisurely.” The LG Twins, led by coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, delivered a piece of news on the 15th. It was the news of the close examination of Go Woo-seok, who finished the ‘156km Fireballer’. LG said, “On the 15th, Ko Woo-seok underwent a detailed examination […]

“I will not be satisfied here” Hyo-jong Kang of LG Younggun heading to the opening rotation

 It was proved that the command tower’s praise was not an exaggeration. The opening rotation is also visible while completing the mission in the first demonstration game. Hyo-Jong Kang (21) of LG Younggun made a meaningful fight. On the 16th, Kang Hyo-jong started in an exhibition game against Samsung held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu. He completed […]

You were the 8th hitter last year, but your status has risen? Kim Ha-seong expected to hit 6th in the ML opening game

 It was expected that Korean major leaguer Kim Ha-seong (27) of the San Diego Padres would play as the sixth hitter in the opening game of the 2023 season. On the 15th (Korean time), the MLB official website ( predicted the starting lineup and starting rotation for the opening game of 30 major league teams. […]

“This year is different, I hope the season comes sooner” Kim Do-young’s entry into the KIA infield

KIA Tigers infielder Kim Do-young, who was selected as the team’s key player, revealed his determination to face the season. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk picked Kim Do-young as a key player this season from the first spring camp in Arizona, USA. Manager Kim expected, “If Kim Do-young takes the position of shortstop or third baseman, there […]

Getting closer to reclaiming the top of Asia in 11 years…’Kim Eun-joong’, semi-final against Uzbekistan on the 15th

There is not much time left for ‘Kim Eun-joong-ho’, who aims to regain the top spot in Asia after 11 years. His dream gets closer once he crosses the semifinals. South Korea will play host country Uzbekistan in the semifinals of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-20 Asian Cup held at Bunyodkor Stadium in Tashkent, […]

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