Friday Sep 22, 2023

7 men’s clubs who scratched the ‘itch’… The first step in the Asian Quarter was ‘successful’

A good start. The Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) held the KOVO Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout at Halla Gymnasium and Sun Hotel in Jeju Island from the 25th to the 27th. The Asia Quarter, which was implemented for the first time in history, increased the team’s player management efficiency and stimulated interest in the league through […]

Suwon Samsung gave up on ‘Real Blue’ amidst criticism of ‘lower operation’, but there is something else that is really important

 While Suwon Samsung seems to be dropping the ‘Real Blue’ policy that it has been insisting on for over 10 years, there is something more important than that. ‘Official Command Tower Vacancy’ Suwon plans to appoint a new manager within this week at the earliest. An official from Suwon said on the 1st, “(Director appointment) is […]

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