Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

North Korean beauty cheerleaders chant “Good job Korea”…win comeback game after five years away

North Korean cheerleaders have been making waves at international competitions, and now they’re making an appearance at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. Five female North Korean cheerleaders took to the field during the men’s soccer Group F match between North Korea and Chinese Taipei at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at Jinhua Zhejiang Normal University […]

At ‘just 42’, Wainwright reaches 200 wins before retirement… ‘Best friend’ Kim Kwang-hyun congratulates him

After 18 years on the mound in Major League Baseball (MLB), veteran right-handed pitcher Adam Wainwright (42-St. Louis) reached the 200-win plateau in his final season. Wainwright started the Cardinals’ home game against the Milwaukee Brewers on April 19 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and pitched seven innings of four-hit ball with […]

‘Brother, it was never intentional’ Lim Chan-kyu apologizes for taking off his hat, Nooksal makes ‘upset’ Hanyusum laugh

‘Brother, it was never intentional’ The ground that was instantly covered by the ball that hit the body, and when the younger brother approached and apologized directly, the older brother smiled and resolved the misunderstanding. Against SSG’s Han Yoo-seom, who went 3-for-3 with a home run and a walk in the first game of the […]

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