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A camera manager at the basketball court reveals ‘Tips for Appearing on the Billboard?’

 Let’s remember the moment we went to the stadium to watch basketball. The dark battle that raises expectations before the start of the game, the players sweating, the flushed face of the coach directing the strategy, the cheering song that resonates with the player scoring, and the cheering scene from the crowd on the screen. It’s familiar when you think of it, but ‘Who will play the cheering song? The moment you wonder, “How did I get caught on the billboard?”, it will feel unfamiliar. It is an answer to your curiosity and introduces the story of people sweating outside the court for a game.

※This article was published in the February issue of Jump Ball.

It is no exaggeration to say that the atmosphere of professional sports is driven by the fans. Cheering makes players run more and gives strength in difficult situations. If so, what method is needed to increase the fan’s enthusiasm for cheering? Each club prepares various events such as events and performances to reward fans who visit home games and increase the heat of the field. The image of fans cheering and actively participating in the event is transmitted through the electronic display board. That momentary scene conveys the passion of one person to many. The on-site camera director captures the moment, spreads a hot atmosphere, and presents unforgettable basketball memories to fans. I met Lee Dong-wook (34), a camera director who adds fuel to the hot atmosphere on set.

What does an on-site camera supervisor do at the stadium?
The on-site camera manager captures the heat of the stadium on camera and transmits it to the electronic board. Most of the scenes on the display board are taken with a camera, and the PD broadcasts the work. We capture a variety of scenes with our cameras, from players jumping in when introducing the starting lineup, fans cheering, on-site events, cheerleading team performances, and interviews with distinguished players after the game. When the image of a fan cheering appears on the screen, it creates an atmosphere that encourages other fans to cheer even harder, and helps the players’ faces to be seen closely through the camera even from seats that are hard to see. 

How did you get started?
When I was in my 20s, I liked basketball, so I worked as a host at the SK home stadium in Seoul. Afterwards, while learning acting, he appeared in single films and filmed himself. After hearing that he could touch a camera, an acquaintance who worked in the field recommended a job as a cameraman. At first, I started in the baseball industry, but through my experience working at SK, I ended up working on the basketball court as well. What’s the appeal of this job? Working in a sports field, working with that heat is attractive. They kept an eye on the fans who were actively cheering for them in the stands, and when they showed them on the screen with a camera, they were delighted and cheered even harder. When I see that kind of image, I feel that I am having a good influence on this field, and it doubles my worth. For example, when Suwon KT Yang Hong-seok scores a goal, if you catch a fan holding Yang Hong-seok’s uniform in the camera angle, the player’s score will be maximized and the home fans will enjoy the moment more. I think the charm of this job is that you can choose and make those scenes yourself.

Do you have any tips for being caught on the electric signboard?
Fans often think that the announcer selects the participants because they work closely with the announcer during the event. In fact, the angle the camera director takes determines which fans will participate and which people will be sent to the billboard. In the middle of each game, carefully select fans with player placards, fans waving uniforms, and fans cheering hard with cheering tools, and engrave them on their eyes. Then, when you need to send a cheering image to an event or billboard, hold that fan with a camera. I catch people who briefly show their passion during events, but because the camera is also my eyes, I keep my eyes on those who keep cheering hard. I tend to catch fans of the home team who are expected to react well. 카지노

I think it would be burdensome to do it live. With the camera, if you make a mistake, the tee is revealed at a glance. Also, when filming a movie that has been done before is NG, you can reshoot it and fix the mistake, but there is no NG on set. There is no ‘again’, so you have to be nervous every moment. In addition, it is difficult to predict 100% when the operation time will be called and the event will be held, and when the supportive fans will be sent, so you have to prepare in advance. When I started working, it was difficult to figure out who wanted to participate in the event and who wanted to appear on the billboard. I do this to keep the atmosphere on set, so I have to choose fans who have good reactions.

I guess there must have been some scary moments?
The most dizzying moment is catching away fans (laughs). Since the event takes place at the home stadium, we have to focus on the home fans, but there are times when we attract away fans because the uniform color is similar. That would be a big mistake. Also, I got used to the person who cheers hard, but when I enter the event, if that fan is away or has a bad expression, I can’t let him out, so it’s dizzying. In that case, you need to quickly find another fan and change the angle.

How do I do this?
It can be divided into two parts. There are cases where I majored in video at a university and started with an introduction, or when I expressed interest while working as an on-site agent, an opportunity came. Although the barrier to entry is high, I recommend stepping into the field for any job you want to do.

What parts do I need to have to do this?
Anyone who likes basketball is fine, but excessive affection is poison. You can become immersed in the game and miss the progress. Also, since I work in the home stadium, I have to put myself in the shoes of the home team. I work with the mindset that the home team should win. Only then can fans cheer a lot and capture more diverse scenes. I think it would be good if you can roughly read the game situation with a moderate love for basketball. The ability to handle the camera is bound to improve once you start working. Filming a cheerleader performance was the most difficult for me too, but I studied it because I wanted to film it like a public music broadcast. If you work, you will definitely be greedy, and then you can grow that much.


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