Thursday Jun 08, 2023

A step towards the Taegeuk mark… Kim Hong-yeol-Kim Ye-ri, B-boy-B-girl wins

Kim Hong-yeol (HONG10) and Kim Ye-ri (Yell) took a step closer to the Taegeuk mark.

Kim Hong-yeol and Kim Ye-ri won the general division B-Boy and B-Girl categories at the ‘2023 Breaking K Series 1st Competition’ held at the Seocho Gymnasium in Seoul on the 1st.

From the round of 16, Kim Hong-yeol defeated Choi Chan-bae (NESCO), Choi Jeong-woo (Milie), Oh Chul-je (Fe), and Park Min-hyeok (ZOOTY ZOOT) to stand at the top. Kim Ye-ri beat Gong Eun-gyo (SUGARDiVE) in the quarterfinals, Jeong Su-jin (STEEL8) in the semifinals, and Kim Joo-yeon (Teenie) in the finals. 안전놀이터

This competition is the first of two series competitions to select an additional male and female national team for breaking in 2023. The top 16 players in each category will compete for the final spot in the national team in the second competition to be held at the end of this month. 

The four players who advanced to the semifinals in this competition will be seeded for the ‘2023 Breaking K Series 2nd Competition’, and will automatically pass the preliminary match and be given the benefit of going directly to the quarterfinals. 


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