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Actor Kyu-ho Lee “The storytelling of Mr. and Mrs. Heo is like a movie”

Actor Lee Kyu-ho (37), who has recently been active in various movies and dramas, is famous as a so-called scene stealer. Even if he does not play a leading role or a role equivalent to it, he is showing a unique presence in each work based on his own distinct personality. If you look at his face alone, he is a handsome and handsome actor, but he has a strong image of a giant because of his sturdy physique of 190cm and 195kg.

If you simply look at his size, he could do well in KBL. In particular, he weighs more than most centers. At the height of his career, Ha Seung-jin (221.6cm‧138kg) or Nigel Dixon (201.7cm‧160kg) seemed like a match, but looking at the weight in his profile, he is no match for Lee Kyu-ho. Because of this, he took on a lot of roles that make the main character shine in action movies, etc., but as his acting skills are accumulated, his area is gradually expanding.

Although he is a huge plastic actor who came to light of late, his acting career has been quite long. After debuting through a drama as a child actor in early 2000, after a brief hiatus, he has been running without hesitation since 2012.

<Dramas> Holy Land, Bad Guys, Witch’s Castle, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 1~2, What’s So Poongsang, Stove League, Wonderful Rumors, House of Paper: Common Economic Zone, <Movie> Conduct Zero . : One Eyed Jack, God’s Hand: Returns, Ground Zero, etc. There are many works that you can know just by hearing their names. Currently, he is filming Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 3.

“When I was young, I often watched basketball, but as I got older, I had a livelihood, especially in movies and dramas, so it’s true that I don’t have much interest in sports. So even now, when I think of basketball players, my childhood heroes Lee Chung-hee and Heo Jae come to mind first. In the NBA, everyone knows Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, and Stephen Curry. However, even I know the Heo Woong and Heo Hoon brothers and support them in my heart.”

Due to the nature of an actor, Lee Kyu-ho tends to focus on so-called stories while watching sports. Perhaps this is not the only part. Mania fans who watch every game while cheering for a specific team will approach the event in much more detail, but general fans often feel familiar with the player through the story as a whole.

“There were a lot of good stories during the basketball party. Lee Chung-hee of Hyundai and Kim Hyeon-jun of Samsung had a strong sense of competition as shooters representing the league as well as rivals between teams. Heo Jae, along with Kang Dong-hee, Kim Yu-taek, and Han Ki-bum, created a rebellion by Chung-Ang University and Kia Motors in the basketball world represented by Yonsei University, Korea University, Hyundai, and Samsung. I paid. Michael Jordan also had an affair with baseball after the first 3 consecutive losses and 3 consecutive losses again after a comeback! I think this is the storytelling without a script that only sports can have. If you go deeper, there will be a dramatic element in every game.”

Brothers Jeonju KCC Heo Ung (29‧183.5cm) and Suwon kt Heo Hoon (27‧181cm‧ Sangmu serving) are treasures in the basketball world. This is because, while there are widespread voices of concern that basketball’s popularity is declining, it is building a reputation that can encompass even general fans. In addition to the issue of being the son of Heo Jae, who is considered the best technician in the history of domestic basketball, he is receiving hot attention in that all of his brothers and second-generation basketball players are at the national team level. There are some players who can be compared to them purely in terms of their value as basketball players, but if you include other parts, it is difficult to follow the popularity of the Heo brothers.

“A basketball hero who built a new dynasty while rejecting the era of the existing strong players, and who was top-notch in terms of skills, and later even his two sons succeeded and are leading the league box office in their respective teams? I think this is a story that is not easily seen in movies. If you film it like this, you might say that it’s too much of a hero. But it’s true. A basketball story like this is actually being created around these Huh father and son. I think it is very positive for the popularity of the basketball world.”

In addition, he is paying attention to the different characters of Heo and his son. One of the directions of acting that actors want the most is diversity. The same goes for Lee Kyu-ho. It is said that this is why the other father and two sons, who seem to resemble each other, are more eye-catching. His father, Heo Jae, who had better skills than anyone else but had a rebellious image, his older brother, Heo Woong, who gave a warm and comfortable feeling like an older brother next door, and his younger brother, Heo Hoon, who was the ace of a team and was like a cute friend. and players with strong professionalism.

“It’s the same for me, but I don’t think brothers Heo Woong and Heo Hoon have reached the climax yet. These are players who have more to show than what they have shown so far. We look forward to making a positive impact on the basketball world by showing better performances in the future. I promise to become an actor who does my best, Lee Kyu-ho.”온라인바카라


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