Monday May 29, 2023

‘Already ready to leave’ 2021 Cy Young + ERA No. 1, ‘Super Agent’ Joins Boras Division

 Corbin Burns, who won the Cy Young Award for his best performance in the 2021 season, hired Scott Boras, a ‘super agent’. He has two seasons left until free agency, but he is already preparing to leave the team.

‘MLB Network’ columnist John Heyman said on the 23rd (Korean time), “Ace Burns of the Milwaukee Brewers signed a contract with Boras Corporation to represent him. The former Cy Young Award winner will become a free agent in the 2024 season.”안전놀이터

Burns was selected in the 2016 draft and hit the big leagues in 2018. He has continued his playing career in Milwaukee and has been reborn as the team’s ace since the 2021 season.

He recorded a career record of 35 wins, 19 losses, 3.21 ERA and 670 strikeouts. In particular, in the 2021 season, with a record of 11 wins, 5 losses, ERA 2.43 and 234 strikeouts, he won the ERA King, All-Star, and Cy Young Award. Last year, he was also selected as the strikeout king and All-Star with 12 wins, 8 losses, 2.94 ERA and 243 strikeouts.

Burns was the salary adjuster, so he entered into negotiations after the season, but was moved to the salary adjustment committee with a difference of $740,000. With Burns losing here, he will receive $1001 million this season.

In response, Burns showed an uncomfortable look and said, “Honestly, I was hurt between the club. It is true that he has a bad heart.” And it is becoming a certainty that he will leave hand in hand with the ‘super agent’ Boras.

Burns once again has a salary adjustment remaining after this season. And after the 2024 season, he gets FA qualification. In the 2025 season, the first year of his contract, he will be 31 years old.

Since Burns has been showing good durability and excellent appearance so far, if there are no major injuries, it seems that he will lead a good contract with Boras in the market.


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