Thursday Sep 28, 2023

Atleti is ‘very’ close to signing Lee Kang-in… approved by Simeone

A report came out saying that Lee Kang-in (22) is likely to head for Atletico Madrid, the Spanish powerhouse. 

Spanish media relevo said on the 28th, “Lee Kang-in is very close to Atleti. Atleti has been paying attention to Lee Kang-in since he was playing for Valencia CF. We are closer than before.”바카라사이트

“There was an internal meeting at Atleti regarding the signing of Lee Kang-in. Coach Diego Simeone also approved his signing. However, a financial agreement is required. Real Mallorca (there is a buyout) paid 15 million (22.1 billion won) for Lee ) to 20 million euros (KRW 29.5 billion).” 

Atleti is currently the second strongest player after Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in La Liga. If Lee Kang-in joins such a team, good synergy can occur. He is also interested in English Premier League (EPL) clubs, but Atleti can be a good choice because he is familiar with Spain, where he has lived since childhood. 


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