Monday May 29, 2023

‘Batting average 0.449 → 0’ But worrying about Rex may be useless

Lotte lost again.

Lotte lost 2-5 in the match against Samsung held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 20th. They are in last place among 10 clubs with 1 win, 1 draw and 5 losses in 7 exhibition matches.

It is not that there is no chance. He gets a lot of scoring chances. However, there is no single shot from the scoring zone, and they are suffering from scoring poverty. Only 22 points were scored in 7 games.

The sluggishness of Rex, who was active as an RBI machine last year, is a painful situation.

Rex had no hits in six exhibition games. On the 20th, his first hit came against Samsung. But it wasn’t a scoring hit.안전놀이터

Rex showed remarkable concentration in scoring position last year. His scoring position batting average was 0.449. This was the reason why he chose to renew his contract with Rex without hesitation.

However, his scoring position batting average in all exhibition games is ‘0’. He never had a chance to score.

The hit also came for the first time in seven games. This is a point where you may be concerned that Rex’s concentration has fallen.

However, Lotte is not worried about Rex at all. Because he has his own certainty.

First of all, the quality of batting balls is not bad. There were a lot of head-on balls, but the number of balls hit properly was increasing.

Park Heung-sik, senior hitting coach at Lotte, predicted that “a hit will come soon” even when Rex was suffering from a hitless run in six games.

And in fact, Rex reported his first hit the next day, the 20th.

Lotte’s judgment is that concentration in the scoring zone can soon revive.

Perhaps the pros and cons of Rex have been analyzed by all teams. Last year, Rex joined as a substitute during the season. He had little time to be analyzed.

It’s different now. This is the situation where all data about Rex was collected for each team. If the weakness is mainly being attacked, the current sluggishness could be a precursor to the sluggishness in the regular season.

However, Lotte is one step away from such worries. This is because Rex listens intently to the advice of the coaching staff and power analysis team.

Chief Park Heung-sik said, “We know the strengths and weaknesses of Rex best. It can be a bit of a struggle because the opposing team’s analysis will be over. But Rex is a player with ears open to advice. As a coach, he is a player who accepts and tries to fix problems when he points out problems in his data and batting form. He has been through a lot of training to make up for his weaknesses, so he thinks he will be able to cope with them soon. He actually seems to be getting better. He’s not worried about Lex at all.”

Players who are open to their innate sincerity rarely break down easily. He had a bad start to the exhibition game, but he was diagnosed that he would get better soon, and real hits began to emerge. It is Lotte’s judgment that the concentration in the scoring zone can be revived soon.

With Lee Dae-ho leaving, Lotte lost the firepower of the center line. The concentration of the remaining players should be revived.

The share of Rex, who showed amazing concentration on scoring last year, also accounts for a significant part. If Rex is blocked, the entire Lotte batting line may experience congestion.

But Lotte is not worried. This is because he has prepared harder than anyone else and has a strong will to make up for his shortcomings.

Chief Park said, “If you watch Rex more in the future, you will know. He has prepared really well and is putting in a lot of effort. He now has only things left to do to get better. He thinks that with Rex, he can revive the cohesiveness of the overall lineup.”

It remains to be seen if Rex can regain the dignity of an RBI machine as Lotte expected.


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