Monday Mar 27, 2023

Bayern admits contact with Ronaldo: ‘denial’

A high-ranking official from Bayern Munich (Germany) disclosed the past discussing the possibility of signing Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Portugal). The conclusion was a clear refusal.

Hasan Salihamizic (46, Bosnia and Herzegovina) said in an interview with the German daily newspaper ‘Buld’ on the 6th (Korean time), “We talked about recruitment. He made it clear to Ronaldo that it was impossible.”

Salihamidzić is the CEO (CEO) of the sports division at Bayern, which is second in the UEFA club rankings. ‘Built’ is Europe’s best-selling newspaper.

After terminating his contract with Manchester United (England) in November 2022, Ronaldo did not have a team until joining Al Nasr (Saudi Arabia) in January 2023.

CEO Salihamizic revealed to Jorge Mendes (57, Portugal) that he explained why Ronaldo was not a suitable player for Bayern by giving specific reasons such as the club’s financial aspect, sports perspective, operating philosophy, and squad design.

Mendes has been Ronaldo’s agent since 2003. Bayern rejected the signing for economic reasons, whether it would help to build a better force, and long-term squad plans.

Ronaldo agreed to a contract with Al-Nassr until the 2024-25 season after joining Bayern failed. The annual salary of 200 million euros (approximately 270.5 billion won) is the largest in the history of world professional football. He also received a signing bonus of 100 million euros (135.3 billion won).

Al-Nasr is a football club that is very close to the royal family, with eight Saudi Arabian princes taking turns serving as president from 1960 to 2017. In the recruitment of Ronaldo, Sports Minister Abdulaziz Vinturki Al Saud directly intervened from the promotion stage.

Minister Abdulaziz is also the grandson of former King Faisal (died in 1975), so he is a ‘prince’ as well. In an interview with British broadcaster ‘Sky Sports’ last fall, he kept his promise, “I will bring Ronaldo to Al Nasr to show that Saudi Arabia’s professional football is strong.” 메이저놀이터

Saudi Arabia is ranked first in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) league ranking, which is scheduled to be applied for the 2023-24 season. In the past 12 seasons, they have produced six Champions League finalists.

Minister Abdulaziz said, “I suggested a move (for recruitment) after hearing that I had become a free agent. He wants to see me play in the Saudi Arabia League.” Al Nasr has admitted to being involved in the Ronaldo deal.


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