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Behind the scenes of DB director Lee Sang-beom’s voluntary resignation. Is the DB crash a problem only for director Lee Sang-beom?

 Wonju DB coach Lee Sang-beom voluntarily resigned. He was said to be resigning, ostensibly for poor performance and health reasons.

Wonju DB distributed a press release on the 5th, saying, ‘Director Lee Sang-beom announced his intention to resign on December 31 last year. DB decided to accept it. Head coach Kim Seong-cheol will step down as well.”

The superficial reason is voluntary resignation due to poor performance, but in reality it is close to hard work. In April 2020, manager Lee signed a 4-year contract with DB. He is ostensibly under contract until 2024. However, the terms of this contract are known as 3+1. In other words, the actual contract expiration date is until this season.

DB is 11-18, down to 9th place. Right before this season, DB was evaluated as a strong dark horse. However, due to the injuries and sluggishness of the core core, the performance has declined a lot. In the end, he gave the ‘dramatic prescription’ of replacing the command tower.

What was the actual background that forced Lee to step down?

▶Why did DB fall?

Director Lee Sang-beom began his leadership career in 2005 as the head coach of KT&G, the predecessor of Anyang KGC. He became acting manager in 2008 and became full-time manager in 2009. After going through the famous rebuilding phase with ‘Ginseng Singi’, in the 2011-2012 season championship match, he defeated Wonju DB with 4 wins and 2 losses and led the team to the championship match victory. However, at the end of 2014, he broke up with KGC. At the time, there were many complicated reasons, but KGC’s abnormal club management due to delay and blood ties played a part. At the time, KGC announced the reason for the resignation, saying, “Coach Lee Sang-beom was unable to concentrate on the team due to being the national team’s head coach.”

Coach Lee, who tried to become a full-time coach of the national team but failed, was inaugurated as the head coach of the Wonju DB three years later. Doo Kyung-min and Deyonte Button won the regular league championship, and in the 2020-2021 season, they finished in first place in the regular league. It was a shortened season due to Corona 19, but the regular league ended with 28 wins and 15 losses.

However, after that, it fell to 9th and 8th place. He was desperate this season. I brought in Doo Kyung-min as a free agent, and Lee Seon-albano in the Asia Quarter was also of a high standard.

Dewan Hernandez, the first foreign player, scored well, and Leonard Freeman, the second player, was a proven foreign player. In the off-season, there were reinforcements of wingmen such as Kang Sang-jae and Choi Seung-wook.

2 consecutive losses to Carrot and Korea Gas Corporation. But after 5 wins in a row. However, from this time, the injuries of Doo Kyung-min and Hernandez overlapped. Kim Jong-gyu was still suffering from extreme sluggishness. The ostensible reason was injury. In the end, the core of the team left due to injuries and sluggishness.

I couldn’t help but shake. Park Chan-hee and Yoon Ho-young, who should play the role of team leader, could not even play on the court due to injuries안전놀이터. The first reason for DB sluggishness.

In the early days of the DB command tower, coach Lee benefited from strong rotations. However, the sixth men at the time were players such as Kim Tae-hong and Seo Min-soo who could give the team a lot of plus factors. As they burst one after another, DB gained a synergistic effect. Of course, there were parts that were possible because the cores such as Doo Kyung-min and Burton were holding out strongly. This season, coach Lee rotated the rotation without exception. However, rookies such as Lee Joon-hee, Jung Ho-young and Park In-woong were not properly prepared.

In the end, DB’s rotation rather had a lot of ‘minus effects’ in practice. Team chemistry collapsed. The ups and downs in athletic performance intensified. The more we played, the more the team organized, rather than strengthening, there were many things that were disturbed. This was the second reason for the DB sluggishness. In the end, the joint resignation of head coach Lee Sang-beom and head coach Kim Seong-cheol was a bitter outcome.

▶What is the future of DB?

As expected, DB posted franchise star Kim Joo-seong as acting manager.

However, there is a logical error here. DB hardened the head coach and head coach due to poor performance. The DB coaching staff includes coaches Kim Joo-seong and Lee Kwang-jae, as well as coach Lee and senior coach Kim.

You can’t be free from responsibility for poor grades. However, it is different from coach Lee and head coach Kim. They are franchise stars from DB. Because of this, coach Kim, who could not be free from responsibility for poor performance, rather rose to the role of ‘acting manager’. Coach Lee Kwang-jae did not leave the team either.

Regardless of the abilities of acting manager Kim Joo-seong and coach Lee Kwang-jae, he survived the responsibility of poor performance just because he was a DB franchise star.

There are many such examples in men’s professional basketball. Franchise stars become coaches and managers without much verification. There are many failed cases even without specific examples. It has to be. There is no scientific evidence that franchise stars make good leaders. Rather, SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol, LG coach Cho Sang-hyun, and Hyundai Mobis coach Jo Dong-hyun, who are receiving good reviews this season, have a distinct commonality. He has accumulated experience through his long career as a coaching staff, and is proving his abilities when the ‘opportunity’ of coaching comes.

The biggest reason for DB’s sluggish performance is the disorganized performance following injuries to ‘core’ players such as Doo Kyung-min and Kim Jong-kyu. The team chemistry itself is far apart.

In other words, it is true that coach Lee Sang-beom is responsible for the DB performance this season. Head coach Kim Seong-cheol cannot be free either. However, Kim Jong-kyu and Doo Kyung-min, who have been suffering from injuries for several years, and DB’s veteran players who have not played the role of floor leaders, cannot be free from responsibility. The same goes for acting manager Kim Joo-seong and coach Lee Gwang-jae. First of all, coach Lee and head coach Kim took responsibility and left the team. How can the ‘remnants’ be held accountable?


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