Thursday Mar 30, 2023

British media “The level of the Saudi league is the championship… Ronaldo must score more than 21 goals”

The British press claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo should score many goals for Al Nasr.

Ronaldo, who played for Manchester United until the first half of this season, joined Al Nasr in the Saudi Arabia League after the World Cup in Qatar.

Ronaldo has become the world’s highest-paid player as he is known to earn an annual salary of 173 million pounds (approximately 264 billion won).

The media analyzed how many goals Ronaldo should score considering the level of the Saudi league and the salary Ronaldo receives.

According to the media, Al Nasr’s club world ranking is 308th. This is similar to Luton Town and Sunderland in the English Professional Football Second Division League Championship.

In addition, the Saudi league ranking is 58th in the world, lower than Scotland (49th) and higher than Italy’s Serie C (68th). (England 5th Division League) It is equivalent to mid-table.

“It’s easy to find out which teams are good and bad within a particular league and country,” he said.

“Given the gap between the leagues, you can understand how much a goal in one league is worth in another league. A goal in the Premier League is worth about 2.6 goals in the Saudi league,” he added.

He then revealed the number of goals he could expect from Ronaldo. 카지노사이트

The media said, “This season, Ronaldo has scored 0.48 goals in 90 minutes excluding penalties at Manchester United,” and “At Al Nasr, it is about 1.28 goals per 90 minutes, so from now to the end of the season, he should score 21 goals.”

The media lamented, “There is a huge gap between the top and bottom teams in the Saudi league. No player as good as Ronaldo has ever gone down to that level. A decline of this magnitude could not have been conceived by anyone.”


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