Monday Sep 25, 2023

Brooks’ diss: “LeBron is too old”

“Lebron? I don’t care. He’s too old.”

This time, he chose LeBron James (39, 205cm) as his opponent.

Dylan Brooks (27, 201cm) is the best lockdown defender in the league. He uses his quick feet and thick upper body strength to block his opponents from any position.

Opponent guards and wing resources have a 3% lower field goal success rate than usual when Brooks blocks them. Especially strong against All-Stars. They are at the top of the league in 1v1 defensive metrics against All-Star opponents.안전놀이터

He does not rest his mouth as much as his diligently moving feet. He taunts and trash-talks his opponents on and off the pitch. On the 20th (hereafter Korean time), in the second leg of the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, he faced LeBron.

Brooks, who started as a starting small forward for the Memphis Grizzlies, took full responsibility for LeBron of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even if it was Brooks, it was not enough to stop it alone. Memphis helped Brooks with various types of double teams.

The result was a 103-91 victory for Memphis. But Lebron did his job. He scored the most points among players on both teams with 28 points, 12 rebounds and 3 assists.

Still, Memphis was able to easily take the game because Brooks drained LeBron’s strength as much as possible. In offense, Brooks showed his presence with 12 points.

After the game, Brooks was elated. This is Brooks, who had a fight with LeBron even on the court. In an interview after the game, he said, “I don’t care about LeBron. It would have been nice if I had defended LeBron from the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers days. LeBron is too old now. I won’t respect him unless he scores 40 or more points against me.” said.

The series between Memphis and Lakers is tied 1-1. The 3rd game will be held at the Lakers home on the 23rd. Memphis fans are worried that Brooks’ provocation will awaken LeBron’s bestial instincts.


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