Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Bundes representative defender ‘hot potato’… ‘Love call’ from Liverpool and Tottenham

Correspondent Kang Dong-hoon = Bayer Leverkusen (Germany) key center back Jonathan Ta (26) has emerged as a ‘hot potato’. It is reported that he is receiving ‘love calls’ from Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur (above England), who are in dire need of reinforcement of defenders, while they are promoting a transfer while changing agents recently.

Multiple media outlets such as Britain’s ’90min’ and ‘The Bootroom’ said on the 12th (Korean time), “We are performing an impressive performance in the Bundesliga,” and “We are receiving interest from Liverpool and Newcastle United (England). Tottenham’s It is known that he was also on the recruiting list.”

Not only that, but it is also on the radar of Manchester United and Chelsea (above England). According to European football transfer market expert journalist Fabrizio Romano, the exact extent of his interest is not yet known, but he is known to be one of several potential signings. 슬롯사이트

Ta recently signed a contract with Finney Zahavi (79, Israel), who is called a ‘big player’ agent in the football world. Along with this, he is leaving Bayer Leverkusen to seek new challenges, especially in the highly regarded English Premier League (EPL) stage to test himself while competing against the world’s best strikers.

Like a 195cm tall center back, he has strengths in the right to ride, and his speed is unexpectedly fast, so he is good at covering the back space. As a modern defender, he also has the ability to build up backwards. Wearing a Bayer Leverkusen uniform in 2015, he has been active as the main center back so far. He posted 8 goals and 11 assists in 284 career games.

According to the current transfer market specialized media ‘Transfermarkt’, the market value of riding is 17.7 million pounds (approximately 27 billion won). And the actual transfer fee doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Locally, it is expected to be 23 million pounds (about 35 billion won). However, if the scouting competition heats up, Bayer Leverkusen is likely to call a higher amount, so it is expected that it will change depending on the situation.


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