Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Coach Jeon Hee-chul “It’s all going as planned… nothing but compliments from the players”

Seoul SK coach Jeon Hee-chul was very satisfied with the victory in Game 4.

In the 4th game of the championship match held at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 1st, coach Jeon Hee-chul beat Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation 100-91, balancing it with 2 wins and 2 losses, and said, “Today went as planned. “I have nothing but praise for the players,” he said.

On this day, SK, who started the game with six men by putting Kim Seon-hyeong and Jamil Warney on the bench and giving them a break, eventually put in Kim Seon-hyeong and Warney at the end of the first quarter to follow the game, which was trailing by 8 points, and won by 9 points in the explosion of the two. .바카라사이트

Director Jeon Heechul said, “Everything went well. It’s also fortunate that Kim Seon-hyung and Warnie survived.” (In the 1st quarter) I was hoping for a 5-point gap (to endure). However, the selection for the sixth man was so good that I believed in him and watched him. He thought he could follow it by about 8 points in the first quarter,” he said.

In addition to Kim Seon-hyeong and Warney, who exploded in the 20-point range, SK suppressed KGC with the active performances of Choi Seong-won (17 points) and Choi Bu-kyung (13 points).

Coach Jeon Hee-cheol said, “Choi Seong-won, who took over for Kim Seon-hyung when he was having a hard time, was good at shooting and did well with confidence.” Next time, with the thought that it may not work like today, I will prepare firmly and play the 5th game,” revealing his determination for the 5th game.


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