Thursday Sep 21, 2023

‘Commentary re-employment’ Jeong Min-cheol, general manager of Hanwha → MIC comeback

Reporter Lee Sang-wan = Former Hanwha Eagles general manager Jung Min-cheol returns as a commentator for MBC Sports Plus.

MBC Sports Plus announced on the 30th (Monday), “Former general manager Jeong Min-cheol has joined MBC Sports Plus as a commentator.”

Commissioner Jeong said, “There was a lot of recruitment, but I didn’t worry for a long time. I have many good memories about MBC Sports Plus. I rejected other offers and chose MBC Sports Plus without hesitation.”

Commissioner Chung is a legend representing the KBO League beyond the Hanwha Eagles. He played an active role in Hanwha’s 1999 championship and recorded 161 career wins (2nd in career wins) and 10 or more wins for 8 consecutive years. Based on these performances, he was named one of the 40 legends selected by the KBO League.

Commentator Jeong Min-cheol, who experienced coaching life after his active retirement, served as a commentator for MBC Sports Plus from 2015 to 2019, showing witty talks and in-depth commentary.

Commentator Jeong Min-cheol, who put down the microphone for a while after being appointed as Hanwha’s 10th general manager in October 2019, did not let go of his relationship with MBC Sports Plus, and returned as a commentator after serving as the general manager for three years.

Commissioner Jeong said, “I’m excited to come back to commentary. I know that commentary is never easy. I have a long baseball career, but I can’t say I know everything about baseball. I’ll look back from the basics.” 토토사이트

Meanwhile, commentator Jeong Min-cheol will join ‘M’sple in Camp’, which will be broadcast from January (Wednesday) in February. ‘M’sple in Camp’ will cover not only the vivid news of the 10 teams, but also the WBC training in Arizona, USA.

‘M’sple in Camp’ is broadcast live at 6pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends.


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