Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Conditions for returning to Nottingham after 6 months Hwang Eui-jo, leased to Seoul “It was a tough decision, I had a lot of worries”

“I think it was a feeling that reminded me of my rookie days.”

Hwang Eui-jo (31), who came to FC Seoul on a short-term lease for six months, pledged to make a comeback.

Hwang Eui-jo appeared at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the 6th. Seoul joined Kagoshima, Japan on this day in the process of leaving for the second winter field training. Although he returned on loan from Olympiacos to Nottingham Forest this season, he was able to play in the K-League, the United States and Japan according to FIFA rules, which prohibits playing in two European countries in one season, and chose Seoul.

He said, “I’ve experienced the K-League. However, it was my first time in a team called Seoul, so I shared a lot of things,” he said, expressing his intention to do his best for six months with coach Ahn Ik-soo, who was a mentor during his rookie days.

Saying that he remembered his rookie days while greeting coach Ahn, he said, “I know that the coach is a very scary person. In fact, he says a lot of really good things. I think I have a lot to learn as a player and as a person.” revealed

Last year, Hwang In-beom also left for Olympiacos after digesting the league on a short-term loan for six months in Seoul under special permission from FIFA due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He said, “They said that just playing at the Seoul World Cup Stadium and having a lot of fans is a good motivation as a player. I will do my best to do my best without disappointing my fans.”

Striker Hwang Eui-jo’s decisiveness is important. Last year, Seoul had 43 goals, the second lowest score among 12 clubs. He replied, “I think I need to go (to Kagoshima) and improve my performance as much as possible while digesting the game.

Six months later, when the summer transfer window opens, he will return to Nottingham. He said, “I came to Seoul on the condition of going back in six months, and after that I have to check the situation again.” I will try to upload it. I hope I can show a good image.”

Hwang Ui-jo, who does not have a major physical condition problem, said, “If I come to Seoul and get in touch with the players, know what each other wants and what the team wants, and adapt to it, I think I’ll have good enough results after the season opens.” showed a reaction. 메이저놀이터

It is important for Hwang Eui-jo to quickly melt into the team. He has to enlist the help of former and incumbent national representatives such as Na Sang-ho and Ki Sung-yong. He said, “(Na) Sang-ho and I were in touch after making a decision. (Ki) Seong-yong hyung and I called and talked a few times before that. He shared a lot of his experiences and what he felt as a soccer player. I respect him. As a senior, I think it helped me to decide (team) by receiving such calls and talking to them.”

Hwang Ui-jo, who will play the game with the mindset of a true rookie for six months, said, “I want to let many fans know that Seoul is a team that can play good games and soccer. I hope that any team can score a goal as soon as possible.” I hoped it would come alive.


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