Thursday Sep 28, 2023

Controversy over K-League passing between Naples and Mallorca… I can’t even see the documents

While Napoli (Italy), a team belonging to Iron Pillar Kim Min-jae, and Mallorca (Spain), a team belonging to Golden Boy Lee Kang-in, are promoting a friendly match in Korea next month, the situation in which the K-League was excluded in the discussion process emerged and controversy arose. expected to be

Since the 7th, the Korea Football Association has received documents related to the friendly match between Naples and Mallorca from a consortium specializing in sports and is reviewing them. It is known that the date and venue of the match are being pushed to Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 8th of next month and Goyang Sports Complex in Gyeonggi-do on the 10th.

However, it was confirmed that the consortium did not secure the consent of the Korea Professional Football Federation.

On the 10th of next month, 3 K League 1 matches will be held in Daegu, Ulsan and Daejeon, and 3 K League 2 matches will be held in Gimcheon, Changwon 바카라사이트 and Busan, respectively. If the Naples-Mallorca match is held on that date, it could be a direct hit to the box office of the K-League.

It is difficult for the federation to agree to hold the Naples-Mallorca match on that date. An official from the federation said, “It is the position that it is inappropriate to hold a friendly match for a foreign team on the day of the K-League match.”

In this situation, the consent form of the Korea Professional Football Federation was omitted from the documents submitted by the consortium. In order for the Napoli-Mallorca match to take place, 14 documents must be submitted to the Korea Football Association to host an international competition. Accordingly, the Football Association rejected the consortium’s request to obtain federation consent by the 12th.

What is noteworthy is that the consortium did not send the relevant documents to the Korea Professional Football Federation. It can be seen that the consortium did not seek consent from the K-League at all while preparing for the match between Naples and Mallorca. Because of this, the K-League’passing’ controversy may be raised.

Last year, a domestic friendly match between Tottenham (England) and Sevilla (Spain) was held on July 16, the day of the K-League match, but there is a different aspect to this issue.

In the first place, July 16 was not a K-League match day. With the date for the Tottenham-Sevilla match confirmed, the A national team led by Paulo Bento at the time requested a change in the K-League schedule to participate in the East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) E-1 Championship and select a representative player. It was in the form of a K-League schedule at work.

As such, there is a possibility that the Korea Football Association will not approve the match as there is a potential for controversy in the application process.

According to the Korea Football Association’s ‘International Tournament Approval and Operation Regulations’, 14 required documents include a tournament or game operation plan, an agreement to hold a regional association under the jurisdiction of the venue, a letter of approval from the participating team’s continental federation, and a letter of agreement from the relevant federation. The Football Association reserves the right to reject applications that do not comply with the applicable rules.

In addition, there are even detailed regulations that can determine the cancellation or adjustment of international competition approval. The conditions under which the Korea Football Association can reject an application for approval include ▲significant violations of the memorandum of execution that result in unilateral cancellation or change of the tournament, inexperience in the operation of the tournament, and infringement of other business rights ▲in terms of football development When adjustments are needed ▲ There are cases where the schedule overlaps with domestic competitions and league schedules.

The agency has not yet obtained the consent of the federation and has not yet met the condition of avoiding overlap with the domestic league schedule.

Soccer fans are paying keen attention to news of a match between Napoli and Mallorca, European soccer teams led by Korean players. However, as such problems are revealed in the process of promoting the game, it seems that it remains to be seen whether the game itself will be successful.


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