Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Distinguished Players Who Didn’t Play? The reason why KGC Monroe visited the interview room

A mysterious situation occurred when a player who had not played in the game entered the interview room. How did it happen?

On the 6th, the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Suwon KT and Anyang KGC faced off in the 5th round at the Suwon KT Sonic Boom Arena. After a close match, KGC won 87-74 and ran a five-game winning streak. Omari Spellman (40 points, 7 3-pointers, 7 rebounds) put on a one-man show, and captain Yang Hee-jong (11 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists) also contributed.

Spellman and Yang Hee-jong were selected as Distinguished Players and visited the interview room. However, Darryl Monroe, who was not scheduled, accompanied me to the interview room. The problem is that he did not run even for one second that day. It was a very rare scene for a player who had not participated in the game to come into the interview room.

Here’s the situation. Usually, two foreign players and an interpreter often move as one body. Spellman and KGC interpreter Heo Jin-woo had to go to the interview room, and Monroe, who was traveling with them, also came in to wait for them.

Although he couldn’t play against KT, Monroe has a very high level of trust between the coaching staff and domestic players. It is because he does not spare advice based on his own experience to the players and catches the spell man whenever he shakes. On game days, he is always the first to practice shooting, showing the appearance of an exemplary veteran.

Both Spellman and Yang Hee-jong, who visited the interview room that day, mentioned Monroe. First, Spellman said, “Before the game today (6th), I asked Monroe to have more energy, and it came out as a play. Monroe always inspires me to do what I am good at first before a game, and to do it with confidence because it is okay.” 안전놀이터

Yang Hee-jong said, “I have been playing with Monroe and Spellman for two seasons, and I am learning a lot especially from Monroe. He has a strong mentality to the extent that he is called ‘Coach D’, and he points out the details of tactics to the players. I think it will be a great experience for me to live as a basketball person from now on. He is a friend whom I am always grateful for,” he said, praising Monroe.

“With Monroe, I always said, ‘My juniors will do well in the regular league. Let’s prepare for the playoffs’. Both of them will build their bodies well and show a great image in the playoffs.”

After hearing Spellman and Yang Hee-jong’s words, Monroe said, “Today’s victory was a big victory that came from the heart. It showed how much his teammates wanted to win. I usually have a lot of conversations with the captain (Yang Hee-jong) and spellman. It must have been difficult, but I am very happy that I played the game well.”

Despite being a foreign player, Monroe plays the role of leader of KGC along with captain Yang Hee-jong. If you look at Monroe, you can see why so many directors insist on the importance of veterans.


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