Thursday Sep 28, 2023

‘Effectively released’ Mane entourage snipe “Tuchel is just a puppet, it’s the old men in the stands who lead Munich”

Sadio Mane’s (Alnasr) entourage has “tried” to get him to leave Bayern Munich this summer.

Mane’s PR manager, Bacary Cisse, told France’s RMC Sports’ ‘AfterRMC’ on July 7 (ET), “Anyone who follows European soccer knows how arrogant Sane is. Mane, on the other hand, is humble. He’s proven that in every team he’s played for.”

“Sane crossed the line. Did he hurl racist insults at Mane? Yes. That’s for sure. Sane apologized to Mane after the incident. He apologized to Mané after the incident because he realized that he was the one who created the situation. Sane also called some of Munich’s colleagues and told them what happened.” Munich dismissed the racism allegations as “baseless”.

“The wrong story about the incident was spread by the dirty German media, who took Sane’s side. They said that Manet was fined €500,000, which is not true.”

Mane and Sane clashed after City’s Champions League away match in April. Mane punched Sane in the face. Mane was self-disciplined by his club. After the incident, Mane’s position at the club rapidly narrowed and he was forced to leave for Saudi Arabia after just one year.온라인카지노

“I think Mane’s skin color annoyed not only Sane, but also Munich’s hierarchy, because they didn’t understand why they had to pay so much money for such a player,” Cisse wrote.

Mane didn’t play much after his suspension was over. “Tuchel said he wanted to give Mane an important role after his arrival,” says Cisse. But I don’t think he realized that his boss had other plans. Tuchel was just a puppet. Munich is not led by Tuchel. It’s run by the old men in the stands (Höhnes, Rumenigge).”

After joining Al-Nasr, Mane started alongside Cristiano Ronaldo in the Arab Club Champions League match against Raja CA on July 7. After Ronaldo opened the scoring in the 19th minute, Mane mimicked Ronaldo’s ‘ciao ceremony’.


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