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 Elementary school students like defense? Wonju YKK Basketball Class Sejin Kim and Hyeonmin Kang

“Players who are good at defense are good examples of being able to play.

Assist For You (Assist For Youth) project, which is underway for the development of youth basketball in Korea from 2022. Unlike other youth basketball club players, the YKK basketball class in Wonju, which is working on this project, is attracting attention because there are players who are immersed in defense. 

Wonju YKK Basketball Class, which has been working hard to provide a better educational environment for children by recruiting coach Lee Ji-woon since July of last year. Coach Lee Ji-woon, who retired from Wonju DB at the end of the 2018-2019 season, has 바카라사이트 accumulated experience as an elite coach through Hanyang University, Gunsan Middle School, and Gunsan High School, and now helps children grow as a member of the Wonju YKK basketball class. 

In the eyes of coach Lee Ji-woon, who has just settled into the YKK basketball class in Wonju, there are two players who, unlike other players, are interested in defense.

Coach Lee Ji-woon said, “There are two students named Kang Hyeon-min and Kim Se-jin who are currently in the 6th grade at Bangok Elementary School. Both players have been learning basketball for a little less than a year. They are not that tall. In the case of young students, they focus a lot on flashy parts such as offense and scoring, but the two friends say that defense is fun and are doing the team’s dirty work, “he explained about Kang Hyun-min and Kim Se-jin. 

“Hyeon-min has a strong desire to compete and has the temperament of a winner. But that tendency comes out of the defense and helps the team a lot. Se-jin has a good attitude to learn and has a good concentration. He has a bright personality and has a positive mind. Even if they are pointed out, they run actively,” Kang Hyun-min and Kim Se-jin evaluated. 

Coach Lee Ji-woon, who often talks with Wonju YKK basketball class director Won Gu-yeon about the importance of defense and dirty work, said, “In the case of youth basketball club children, they do not know the importance of defense, so there was a lot of regret. However, Kang Hyun-min and Kim Se-jin are two friends. Even at a young age, he enjoys defending and gets a lot of opportunities to play because he works hard. Compared to other friends, his pitching power is short, but he stands out in defense and dirty work, so he is getting more playing time, and his confidence is growing through game experience. It came up a lot. I hope other students know the importance of defense.”  

Kang Hyeon-min, who is growing up as a reliable man for the 6th grade national team at YKK Basketball Class in Wonju, said, “I learned basketball a little less than a year ago. “I’m glad the coaches and coaches look at me well. But I really like defending. Attacking is good, but it’s still more fun to defend, and it’s not too hard,” he said. 

Kim Se-jin, who is growing up with Kang Hyeon-min, also said, “It’s a bit difficult for me to defend. But that’s okay. Defending fits my personality well. I don’t have much desire to attack. I went to a 6th grade competition a while ago, and even after going to the tournament, the defense is good, so the team I won, and I was happy too,” he said, smiling. 

It is not uncommon to see elementary school students who do not have a high level of understanding of basketball say that defense is more fun and enjoy it. In particular, there are no youth players who want to grow into professional defenders unless they are elite players. 

However, unusually, Kang Hyun-min and Kim Se-jin say that defense works better. Looking at them, Director Won Gu-yeon of Wonju YKK said, “The children work very hard. It’s good. I hope that the two children will grow well while playing basketball happily in the future.” 

Assist For Youth is a project that assists to spread youth basketball by joining forces with youth basketball classes across the country from 2022. Inquiries about joining the Up For You Project can be made through the official Instagram account


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