Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Even if Pochettino catches … Mount, Chelsea contract renewal still ‘opaque’

Coach Mauricio Pochettino wants Mason Mount to stay, but it’s not going as he wants.

Chelsea are going through a turbulent period. Chelsea sacked manager Graham Porter on April 3 (Korean time) and appointed Frank Lampard as their new manager. Due to the poor performance, it was difficult for Porter to avoid being fired, and Lampard was appointed as coach to improve the team’s discipline and rebound the team’s performance.

It raised a lot of expectations, but Lampard is also not living up to expectations. After losing against Wolverhampton on the 8th, which was 바카라사이트 Lampard’s first game, he recorded 6 consecutive losses in official matches. Since then, he won his first win in 7 games by winning against Bournemouth on the 6th, but the question mark still remains.

So, we are looking for a new director. The most likely candidate is manager Mauricio Pochettino. On April 25, European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said: “Negotiations between Pochettino and the Chelsea board are going well. “He told his staff to prepare to go to Chelsea. Chelsea will make a final decision soon.”

It is said that an agreement is almost reached. “Chelsea and manager Pochettino are making good progress in agreeing on the last details. The meeting is very positive, and a final agreement is imminent,” Romano said on the 26th.

Manager Pochettino had a condition. It is a renewal of the contract with Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount. Nizar Kinsella of the British media’Evening Standard’ said, “Pochettino sees Mount as a key part of the rebuild at Stamford Bridge, but Mount’s future at Chelsea is still uncertain.”

Mount has been performing below expectations this season. He has been sluggish this season with 3 goals and 2 assists in 24 appearances in the league. In particular, despite the appointment of coach Lampard, who helped him grow, his performance is not improving.

A bigger problem is the fact that Mount’s contract period is running out. Mount is contracted to Chelsea until 2024, but he has yet to renew his contract. According to Kinsella, “Pochettino wants Mount to stay at Chelsea, but he and the club have not been able to come to an agreement.”


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