Sunday Mar 26, 2023

Even the director, seniors, and foreigners are all ‘praised’… They said it was ‘the future’, but right now it’s a first-team feeling

 Even in SSG, ‘Super Rookie’ is quietly sharpening his knife. Lee Roun (19) is the main character. Director Kim Won-hyung (51) is highly praised. He is compared to Chae Byung-yong (41), the team’s big senior. There are better parts.

Lee Rowoon, from Daegu High School, was nominated by SSG as the 5th overall pick in the 1st round of the 2023 rookie draft. He flew with Kim Jeong-woon (KT) as a one-two punch in Daegu. He pitched 35.1 innings in 12 games in 2022, went 2-2 with 48 strikeouts, and had an earned run average of 1.80. His fastball at 150 km/h is excellent.

Right now, SSG is overflowing with starting pitchers. It is not an easy task for Lee Rowun to secure a place in the first team. However, in the long run, he is a pitcher who could become a native ace. After the nomination, SSG also explained, “It is a selection in preparation for the future Cheongna Dome era.”

He expected it to take time, but surprisingly he is showing good form in spring camp. Director Kim said, “I throw it bravely. Guwi is a pass. As a 1st round nominee. I think I have the confidence to be a 1st rounder. He has the downside of being monotonous. However, he emphasized that he just needs to overcome it with his pitches.”

“The body is also full. They say it weighs over 100 kg. It is said that he is little Chae Byung-yong, but his restraint is higher than that of Chae Byung-yong. The ball also has weight. He doesn’t necessarily want to lose weight. He just needs to manage if he wants to be ‘fat’. Now he is 20 years old. He has to take a long look,” he explained.

Chae Byung-yong is a player who reigned as the team’s franchise star. He was active in all weathers, regardless of the starter and bullpen. He has 84 career wins, 29 holds and 22 saves. In 2007-2008, as a starter, he won 10 wins and made an average ERA of 2 points. With a pitch comparable to that of Chae Byung-yong, the evaluation is that his restraint is above. This is why SSG puts their hopes on it.

Oh Won-seok also said, “I saw Yi Ro-woon throw it, and the ball is heavy. He has a good ball. I saw a powerful ball go out.” Eni Romero, from the major leagues, also said, “I heard that you are 20 years old now. I was surprised that the ball was good,” he said, sticking out his tongue.

Lee Rowun said, “It is good just to be able to train in such a warm place. I will work hard as much as I am given the opportunity. Proud to be proud. He laughed, saying, “Just training with the first team players is good.” 온라인카지노

“The bullpen pitching was fine. The ball seems to be going well, and the ball is well done. But bullpen pitching isn’t everything. You can’t be sure with just this. You have to throw well in live pitching and Cheongbaekjeon,” he emphasized.

He is humble but confident. When asked to explain his strengths, he said, “I am a pitcher who has speed and pitch, but also has a clear control of the pitch. He can also throw 4-5 pitches. He seems like a player who can do many things well. He throws a four-seam, slider, two-seam, curveball, and changeup. The proportion of four-seam-sliders is the highest. The main weapon is the slider,” he explained.

Aiming for a long-term starting pitcher. Coincidentally, there are a lot of ‘training aids’ in the team. Left-hander, right-hander, and under are all there. “I want to learn from senior Moon Seung-won and senior Kim Gwang-hyun. Senior Moon Seung-won was successful as a starter, and as soon as he returned from surgery, he threw 150 km per hour. Wasn’t he well-prepared? stylish. Senior Park Jong-hoon handled his ball freely. He expressed surprise, saying, “It was like a ping-pong ball flying.

“It’s not something to aim for or be the Rookie of the Year this season right now. The goal is to stick to the first team. That one comes first. Of course, it’s good to do well, but I want to learn a lot while playing with seniors.”

Apparently, the 2023 rookie draft overall 1st place Kim Seo-hyun (Hanwha) and 2nd place Yun Young-cheol (KIA) are receiving a lot of attention. However, Lee Woon also made a name for himself from the start. Managers, seniors, and foreign pitchers pay attention. If this is the case, it is expected that he will be able to play an active part in the first team from the first season.


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