Thursday Jun 08, 2023

“Everyone is worried” Throw your whole body to defend victory, the symbol of the fallen fighting spirit, unfasten the spike strap and belt… Explosion of camaraderie

 The moment of two consecutive victories. All of the Samsung players froze.

Samsung won 7-6 after a close match against Hanwha Eagles held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 4th.

After trailing 0-3, Samsung succeeded in turning the game around 5-3, winning with Jose Pirella’s superior final two-run home run in the 7th inning when the score was tied 5-5.

After losing the opening match against NC on the 1st, 0-8, they had two thrilling come-from-behind victories in a row.안전놀이터

In the center was Pirella. Pirella defended the victory by one point with a decisive come-from-behind final shot as well as a decisive hobi. It was a game that made the hands sweat with tension that could not be relaxed until the end. Samsung, who had a 7-5 lead in the top of the 9th inning, gave a solo shot to Roh Si-hwan and was chased by one point.

2 companies 1st and 2nd base. The ball that Moon Hyun-bin pushed well seemed to exceed the height of left fielder Pirella. If he hadn’t caught it after two outs, it would have been a sweeping turnaround.

Pirella, who reversed with all his might, put the batted ball into the glove in reverse motion and crashed hard into the fence without overcoming the inertia. The moment when a strong shock was transmitted to the whole body, including the head and body. Pirella, who collapsed without releasing the ball from the glove until the end, could not stand up.

A symbol of fighting spirit that fell to the ground. All Samsung players froze on the spot. I even forgot to win. Oh Seung-hwan on the mound, Kang Min-ho’s battery, and coach Park Jin-man on the bench came out of the dugout and watched the outfield where Pirella fell.

Center fielder Lee Seong-gyu, who was defending together, unfastened Pirella’s belt and spikes and worked hard to secure breathing until the ambulance arrived. In the end, everyone had to watch with concern as Pirella was loaded into her ambulance and transported to the nearby Gyeongsan Three-Myeong Hospital. There was no victory ceremony for her, of course.

Serious injuries were feared. Samsung said, “The side seems to be bad.”

Immediately after the game, coach Jin-Man Park expressed his impressions of the victory with deep concern, saying, “It is regrettable that Pirella, who made a decisive contribution to the victory, is in a worrisome situation.

Kim Dong-yeop, who contributed to the come-from-behind victory by hitting a come-from-behind two-run four in the 3rd inning when it was 3-3, said with a firm expression, “It was good, but I think Pirella got hurt, so all the players are worried” when asked about his feelings on the first home run of the season.

But it was a million bucks.

The result of the first examination immediately after being transported to the hospital was a simple bruise without fracture. An official from Samsung explained, “After being transported to the hospital, X-rays and CT scans of the right chest showed that there were no fractures and bruises.” Next, he explained, “Apart from the ribs, there are currently no major abnormalities in other places (such as the head). However, as the neck may be sore (when it hits the fence when you wake up), we will check the condition closely tomorrow.”

A third-year filial foreigner who wakes up the fighting spirit of the team with always doing his best play. Everyone froze as he fell. It was a dizzying moment that gave a glimpse of Pirella’s status within the team.


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