Monday Sep 25, 2023

“Forkball Decision,” 1st round pick’s start goes from 2 runs in 23 innings to 3 straight wins…”Call it the Dragon’s Claw”

LG pitcher Lee Jung-yong has completely transformed into a starting pitcher. He has pitched well in his last four games and has won three straight starts.

Lee started the game against Hanwha at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Jan. 1 and pitched six innings of no-hit ball with five hits, one walk and five strikeouts. The team’s bats came alive in the 10-0 win, his sixth of the season.

He has now won his last three starts. In four starts since August, he has allowed two runs in 23 innings and has a 0.78 ERA. He threw a fastball that topped out at 145 mph (33 pitches) and a changeup that included a forkball (25), slider (17), and curve (11).

He used his more polished forkball and curveball to good effect in his start. “Call it the dragon’s claw,” Lee quipped of his forkball. Here’s what he had to say

-You’ve won three in a row, and you’ve only given up two runs in four games.

I didn’t realize we were doing so well, and I wanted to carry that momentum into today so that when I went out there, I could win as much as possible.

-You haven’t thrown in a while due to the recent rain cancelations. How do you manage your conditioning?

When you’re preparing, you might worry that you’re going to have a hard time, but I tried to think more positively than negatively. I did one live pitch and just kept throwing as much as I could. I didn’t have a hard time preparing.

-Do you think it’s easier to face hitters with a forkball?

I don’t think so. I just try to pitch as aggressively as possible. As a pitcher, I think my fastball is my number one pitch. I’m more concerned with my fastball than my forkball.

-Compared to before, I have a decisive pitch.

I’m a little more comfortable, but that’s because of (Park) Dong-won. My breathing is fine these days and I think it will get better as we talk a lot.

-He had a high percentage of first-pitch strikes.

The power analysis team analyzed that Hanwha’s batting lineup hasn’t been good lately. So I thought they were going to be aggressive, and I tried to pitch aggressively in the first inning, but I pitched more aggressively.

-On the idea that the starters have to pitch better with Plutko out.

Honestly, I think it is, but I just want to give them a really good energy on the days I pitch. I want to spread the idea that if I go up there, if he pitches, we’re going to win.메이저사이트

Coach Kim Kwang-sam told me before that I should try throwing a curveball, and during the All-Star break, Chan-gyu taught me how to throw a curveball in detail. Forkball was not a detailed lesson, but I got advice.

-Forkball gets a lot of attention.

I threw it as an amateur, but I don’t think it was as good as it is now, but I wanted to do well in the game, so I threw it occasionally. I threw forkball at camps and when I had some free time, but I didn’t throw much because I’m a medium pitcher, so I don’t throw a lot of pitches in short innings.


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