Friday Mar 31, 2023

From asset management to custom chewing gum… Special Welfare Impressive 

Special services are provided for each sponsor company, which is inseparable from the players, and

the satisfaction level of players belonging to financial companies is high.

Full support for winter training costs

Daebo Group, which was founded last year

For professional golfers, sponsors are a strong support. Regardless of the amount of the contract, sponsorship itself is a great strength. It is for the same reason that players express their gratitude to their sponsors after winning the championship. As much as that, professional golfers and sponsors are inseparable.

There are many companies that do golf marketing, such as sponsoring professional golfers and holding tournaments. The reason golf marketing ranges from as little as tens of millions of won to as many as tens of billions of won is because it is virtually the only sport that can catch both men and women of all ages regardless of age.

In order for a sponsorship contract to be concluded, it is common for a company to show interest first. Players make a final decision after reviewing the proposed amount and contract period. There’s one more thing that shakes the hearts of professional golfers who are grateful for every sponsor who has shown interest in them. This is a special service provided by each company. It is similar to the welfare system that office workers consider when choosing a company, such as financial aid for children and health checkups.

The special service that the players showed extraordinary satisfaction is the asset management of financial companies. Satisfaction is high as financial companies such as KB Financial Group, Shinhan Financial Group, and Hana Financial Group reliably manage the prize money and incentives that players receive during the competition through private bankers.

A player who is active in the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour said, “As I have lived a life focusing on golf since I was a child, I always had a lot of worries about how to manage my assets. Fortunately, he is managing prize money efficiently with the help of sponsors,” he said.

Each financial institution is different, but most provide similar services. An official from the financial sector said, “We are helping our players manage their assets in the direction they want,” and “We also connect some players who request them to the desired point. We are making various efforts so that players can focus on golf.” He continued, “It is not only for professional golfers. I understand that financial companies that run soccer and basketball teams provide similar services to players in other sports,” he added.

There are also companies that support food. CJ regularly presents its own products, such as Hetbahn and bibigo, to its players. Lotte is a little more special. Since 2020, Lotte Confectionery and Lotte Central Research Institute have been providing customized chewing gum made in collaboration with Lotte Golf Team players such as Kim Hyo-joo, Choi Hye-jin and Lee So-young. An official from the Lotte Golf Team said, “We make and provide customized chewing gum in consideration of the taste and chewing feeling that players prefer. As it is a specially made product, the satisfaction of players is high 안전놀이터. I know that the players of the Lotte Giants baseball team are also quite satisfied with the customized chewing gum.”

Every year around this time, what makes the players envious is the support for winter training. Some companies, such as Samchully and CJ, are paying the full cost of off-season training. An official from the Samchully Golf Club said, “As we know the importance of winter training better than anyone else, we are making every effort to create an environment where players can practice comfortably.”

There are also companies that take care of their players by creating player lounges and exclusive wardrobes. It is the Daebo Golf Team, which includes Kim Ji-hyeon, Choi Min-cheol, and Ko Gun-taek. The Daebo Group, which founded the Daebo Golf Club last year, is giving special consideration to its players so that they can practice at Seowon Valley and Seowon Hills.

Athletes wearing pharmaceutical company hats are receiving separate health care. Park Sang-hyun of Dong-A Pharmaceutical and Kang Kyung-nam of Yu-Young Pharmaceutical are typical examples. Park Sang-hyun, who has been sponsored by Dong-A Pharmaceutical since 2015, said, “We are getting help in many ways, including golf and health. He is grateful to Dong-A Pharmaceutical for putting players first.”

Special services provided by sponsors motivate players. An official from the management emphasized, “The players are well aware that the sponsor is helping them without expecting anything in return.” .


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