Thursday Sep 21, 2023

From ‘Eye Smile’ to ‘Thick Eyebrows’, a word from the sprouts who have developed an explosion of charm ‘○○’! 

“My charm~? It’s an eye smile!”

On the 17th at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, an orientation for new players of the 2023 professional baseball Kiwoom Heroes was held. 12 players (Kim Kun-hee, Kim Dong-heon, Oh Sang-won, Park Yun-seong, Lee Seung-won, Song Jae-seon, Seung-won Woo, Park Seong-bin, Lee Ho-yeol, Byun Heon-seong, Ahn-gyeom, Seo Yu-shin) who were nominated for Kiwoom as new players in 2023 and Jung Hyun-min (24 ), a total of 13 people attended.

◇ Kiwoom rookie catcher Byun Heon-seong (19)
Byun Heon-seong said, “I will be careful with every action. I want to go up to the first team quickly.” Byun Hun-seong, who is confident in ball mixing and hitting, said, “Today, coach Hong Won-ki told me, ‘There is a turn when entering, but there is no turn when being used. That advice impressed me the most.” The MBTI (personality type test) is ‘ENFP’. Byun Hun-seong replied, “Raising the ‘ransom’!” with determination for the new season.

◇ Kiwoom rookie infielder Lee Seung-won (19)
said, “I had a goal, but after working out with my seniors at the finish camp, my expectations for myself disappeared.” So rookie infielder Seung-Won Lee’s resolution for the new season is, “Develop ‘I am strong’!” The MBTI answered ‘ESTP’. Lee Seung-won boldly exclaimed, “I am confident that I can sign autographs well for fans.”

◇ Kiwoom rookie catcher Park Seong-bin (19)
Catcher Park Seong-bin said, “I want to go up to the 1st team and quickly receive the ball from senior ‘ace’ An Woo-jin (24). I want to show a lot of good looks.” He picked ‘eye smile’ as his charm. Armed with a cute eye smile, Park Seong-bin, who conveyed his determination for the new season by saying, “I’m developing ‘affinity’!”, said, “I am practicing signing autographs a lot. My signature is cute,” he emphasized. Park Seong-bin, who still has many things to improve in all areas, said, “I still want to make use of my strengths, hitting and running. MBTI is ‘E/ISFJ’”. 메이저사이트

◇Kiwoom Rookie infielder Seo Yoo-shin (23)
entered the professional stage after three challenges. It was such a desperate moment. Rookie infielder Seo Yoo-shin said, “I didn’t believe it. I wanted to go to all 10 clubs, but the club I wanted to come the most was Kiwoom, so I was really happy to come.” He said Kiwoom’s ‘young team’ image was attractive to him. Seo Yoo-shin said, “As a college graduate, I want to go to the first team as soon as possible and stick with it for a long time.”

MBTI is ‘INFP’. Each type is ‘steamed’ and ‘INFP’ to the extent that a figure of 100 to 0 comes out. Although ‘INFP’ is famous for being friendly, this season’s resolution is to “develop ‘personality’!” Seo Yoo-shin said, “I still have a good personality, but I want to have a better personality. I want to greet the fans and club officials well, and sign autographs well.”

◇ Kiwoom new outfielder Song Jae-seon (23)
Another college graduate new outfielder Song Jae-seon said, “It would be impossible to play as a starting pitcher right away,” and pledged, “I want to go up to the first team as soon as possible and become a necessary player such as a large runner and large defense.” Song Jae-seon, who has strengths in defense, shoulder, and baserunning, said, “I raised my ‘salary’!” When asked about the meaning, he said, “There are many meanings. I want to become a good player, a popular player.” His MBTI is ‘ESTJ’. Song Jae-seon said, “I pursue hard-working baseball. I will show you my hustle play,” he laughed.

◇ Kiwoom rookie catcher Ahn-gyeom (19)
Catcher Ahn-gyeom received bad results during a medical test and underwent elbow surgery ahead of this season. Ahn Gyeom said, “I will have surgery and focus on rehabilitation this season.” His own charm is ‘thick eyebrows’. Ahn Gyeom, who MBTI identified as ‘ESFJ’, said, “I will always show a bright side to my fans. He practiced signing a lot. But I don’t think it’s cool,” he laughed. With one word of determination, he thought about it, saying, “I have to speak better than my peers,” and exclaimed, “Cultivate the charm of Kiwoom more!”


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