Monday Sep 25, 2023

From ‘Super Catch’ to ‘Acrobatic Running’… thrilling match

The professional baseball season, which opened last Saturday, is attracting crowds after overcoming many negative factors. Yesterday (2nd), the second day of the opening, also entertained fans with fantastic scenes and thrilling matches.

This is Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.


KIA faced a two-out 1st and 2nd base crisis after giving up a point due to the fielder’s throwing error in the 5th inning, when Lee Eui-ri, the starter, had an 8-2 lead over SSG.안전놀이터

Here, SSG Park Seong-han’s batted ball cut through the middle right, but KIA center fielder Kim Ho-ryeong flew up.

After sprinting for several tens of meters, he threw his body and snatched the ball exquisitely.

Even my colleagues were surprised by a fantastic diving catch that only comes out once a year.

KIA, who prevented the crisis with Kim Ho-ryeong’s super catch, won 9-5 and won the first win of the season.

In Daegu, Samsung Kim Ji-chan showed an incredible play.

He was out as a runner on first base in the sixth inning with a 7-to-6 lead, and when Ja-wook Koo hit right hand, he ran through second and third base to home.

It was a perfect out in terms of timing, but the umpire called it safe, and the slow motion clearly captured the skill of turning over and avoiding the catcher’s tag.

Samsung, who trailed 6-0 and won 8-6 come-from-behind, presented new manager Park Jin-man with his thrilling debut victory.

Lotte, with Han Dong-hee’s two RBI doubles in the final, defeated Doosan 2-0 and reported its first win this season, and Kiwoom won two days in a row over Hanwha with Kim Hui-jip’s push walk in the 9th inning.

In the 11th inning of overtime, Lee Chun-woong’s squeeze bunt raised the winning score and defeated KT.


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