Thursday Sep 28, 2023

‘Full Count’ Lee Dae-ho’s final moments

The Disney Plus documentary ‘Full Count’ is in the spotlight of baseball fans.

[Giant’s Autumn Baseball] vividly captures Lee Dae-ho’s dazzling performance, running to the end without giving up, and the scene of his retirement tour, giving more dramatic fun and emotion than any other movie. Last season, Lee Dae-ho, who 안전놀이터 announced his retirement, was affiliated with Lotte throughout the entire period except for the period of overseas expansion, but the Lotte Giants have not yet won a championship.

Leaving his last season behind, Lee Dae-ho, who has a stronger will to win than anyone else, does not give up until the end, regardless of the evaluations of experts who predict a lower rank. The indomitable will shown by Dae-ho Lee and Lotte Giants players last season leaves a lot of impressions as it makes us feel the strong passion for baseball and the spirit of sports once again, regardless of the result of victory or defeat.

In addition, at Sajik Stadium, where Lee Dae-ho’s last game was played, the fans couldn’t stand it and shed tears as they thanked the fans. It captures various emotions and gives a strong aftertaste.

‘Full Count’ honestly captures behind-the-scenes stories that no one has ever known through interviews with current baseball reporters, agents, commentators, players and coaching staff, as well as various game highlight videos. Episodes 5 and 6 of ‘Full Count’, which vividly capture the stories of 10 professional baseball teams and the hidden stories of the intense season that we didn’t know about at the center of the baseball field, will be released only on Disney+ on May 10 (Wednesday). It was completed in 10 episodes.


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