Monday Sep 25, 2023

 Goal of coach Kim Yang-woo and newly started Chuncheon Bongui Middle School

“My main goal this year is to participate in as many competitions as possible, gain real experience and learn how to run the game. I hope it will be a year in which the players learn a lot through actual matches.”

Chuncheon Bongui Middle School is busy preparing for the new season with coach Kim Yang-woo, who took over in November last year. A total of 9 people, 2 3rd graders, 4 2nd graders, and 3 1st graders, are sweating for a better today than yesterday. Instead of participating in the Stove League, which is usually held between January and February, Coach Kim conducted self-training at the school and had time to get to know the players. 

Coach Kim said, “I needed time to get to know the players because it wasn’t long after I came. So he is training at school instead of stove league. He also recently went on a field training trip to Onyang because he needs a sense of real combat. Several schools gathered there to play a practice game like a stove league. He’s finishing well without any sick players. He applauded the players, saying, “He followed well even though it must have been difficult.” 

Eight out of nine registered players at Bongui Middle School started playing basketball in the 4th or 5th grade of elementary school. Coach Kim said, “In general, the basics are good. However, he lacks team play due to his lack of game experience. Now, along with physical training, I am focusing on getting the players’ hands and feet in sync.”  안전놀이터

Compared to other schools, the overall strength of the team is long, but it has the disadvantage of being low in height. Among the players who have been playing basketball since elementary school, there is only one player taller than 170cm. Coach Kim also worked hard on scouting in the early days of his appointment. He said, “A friend who graduated from an elementary school in Gyeonggi-do plans to enter our school. He has no experience of playing basketball, but he is about 180 cm tall. I had to move because there was no accommodation, but he said he would try basketball, so we came together.” 

At the same time, Coach Kim announced that he would pursue fast basketball based on solid defense this year. He said, “Due to team (height) circumstances, I have no choice but to take the team color like that. Newcomers still have a lot to learn. He is small in stature, so his set play is weak. We have to play basketball based on pressure defense,” he explained. 

The player to pay attention to was the 3rd grade duo. Coach Kim said, “Lee Seon-ha has good speed and is stronger than other team members. Breakthrough also has its advantages. And Im Na-eun has a good outside shot. He encouraged the senior players by saying, “When he has a chance, he doesn’t hesitate to shoot.” 

When asked about his goals for this year, coach Kim said, “Because of my lack of game experience, I lack understanding of game stamina, game management method, and position. The main goal this year is to participate in as many competitions as possible, gain real-world experience, and learn how to run a game. I hope it will be a year in which the players learn a lot through actual fighting,” he said, hoping that as an amateur player, he would gain more valuable experience than victory. 


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