Thursday Sep 21, 2023

God of football, please stay

Lionel Messi and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are scheduled to meet for a new contract.

Reporter Fabricio Romano, who is well-versed in the European football transfer market and works in the UK’s ‘Guardian’, said on his personal SNS on the 3rd (Korean time), “The conversation between Messi and PSG continues. “We will meet face to face. PSG will put in an official contract renewal offer. For signing, the contract term and final details will be discussed.”

Messi is the world’s greatest superstar. Since the late 2000s, Messi has been the player who had the hegemony of world football. Messi was Barcelona, ​​and Barcelona was Messi. However, due to financial difficulties triggered by Corona 19 and lax management of the club, Messi and Barcelona had no choice but to part.

In the first season after moving to PSG, Messi could not show the divine performance of football due to Corona 19 and environmental changes, but he came back to life in the 2022-23 season. And last December, Messi became the world’s best player in football history. He reached his dream of winning the World Cup by winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar with Argentina. Now, no one can deny the fact that Messi is the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ (GOAT). 안전놀이터

What fans are now interested in is Messi’s future. Messi, born in 1987, has also now entered the point of looking at his retirement. Messi’s contract with PSG ends at the end of this season, and it is highly likely that the future contract will be the last contract in Messi’s career. PSG continued to reveal its intention to renew the contract with Messi, but Messi did not respond to the negotiations under the pretext of focusing on the World Cup.

Since the World Cup is over, negotiations are expected to proceed properly. As of now, it is true that the probability of remaining in PSG is the highest, but nothing has been confirmed. Messi has been linked to Inter Miami, owned by David Beckham, since his days at Barcelona. It was also confirmed that negotiations actually took place.

The possibility of returning to Barcelona cannot be said to be ‘zero’. Barcelona president Juan Laporta has been nuanced about Messi’s return ever since he left. It’s a matter of Barcelona’s financial situation.


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