Friday Mar 31, 2023

‘Golden win’ Kim Won-jin ‘I was number 1 in the world!

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Top play begins with the story of Judo Kim Won-jin, who won the international championship in two years with a cool bout.

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Kim Won-jin competed in the men’s 60kg Grand Slam final in Uzbekistan.

He overcame his knee injury and launched an aggressive attack from the beginning against a player 10 years younger than himself in a tournament he entered after 7 months.

After avoiding his opponent’s left arm throw, he won the fight with a back throw.

Can’t you just ignore the experience?

International competition gold medal in 2 years, world ranking 1st place is still the same!


Next is Kim Min-jae, the wall of Naples.

He blocks the opponent’s shot with a blow of his body, and blocks the opponent’s counterattack with a clever foul.

He still has more speed than a striker.

What was regrettable was this scene, he connected the ball that hit the post with a header, but this was blocked by the goalkeeper’s save.

Napoli also couldn’t overcome this disappointment and lost 1-0, ending their league winning streak at 8 games.


Lastly, German professional football.

In a free kick situation, the opponent kicks the ball and finishes it with a cool mid-range shot.

As if reminiscent of water sujebi, he pierced the defense with two bounces. 메이저놀이터

He has been a top play so far.


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