Friday Mar 31, 2023

Golf membership is exciting… Jayu CC, 15 million won rise again

According to the Dong-A Membership Exchange on the 4th, the average market price of 100 major membership cards being traded nationwide this week was 223.14 million won, up 0.55% from the previous week. By price range, the ultra-high and high-end units rose 0.34% and 1.04%, respectively, and the mid-range and low-end units rose 0.63% and 0.75%, respectively, recording an overall upward trend.

The Dong-A Membership side explained, “The number of buying inquiries in preparation for the spring season has increased, indicating a strong trend. Most of the popular stocks have shown an upward trend, and the asking price has increased.” 메이저놀이터

The average market price in the central region was 252.82 million won, up 0.62% from the previous week. Freedom recorded 250 million won this week, up 15 million won (6.38%) from 35 million won last week as the sale disappeared. Blue Heron also recorded 171 million won, up 5 million won (3.01%) from the previous week as the selling price soared. Hanyang in the Gangbuk area also saw an increase of 7 million won (2.77%) to 260 million won due to the influx of buying, and New Seoul and Giheung also received 5 million won (1.65%) and 3 million won (1.33%) of purchase orders to 308 million won, respectively. and is trading for 228 million won.

The average market price in the southern region also increased by 0.26% from the previous week to 146.32 million won. Gyeongju Shilla recorded 142 million won, up 9 million won (6.77%) from the previous week, thanks to active buying orders amid a fierce battle. Opel also recorded 320 million won, up 10 million won (3.23%) from the previous week as a strong buying trend flowed in.

Lee Yoon-hee, head of the Dong-A membership team, said, “The membership market in the southern region is also seeing an increase in purchase inquiries as a whole.”


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