Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Humble Japanese broadcasting star “with a heart to challenge Ham Seo-hee” 

Itsuki Hirata (24, Japan), the winner of season 3 of the reality program ‘Fighting Proxy War’, has changed. The image of him clamoring to beat the legendary fighter Ham Seo-hee (36) disappeared for now.

Asia’s largest organization ‘ONE Championship’ will hold ‘ONE Fight Night 8’ on March 25 at Singapore Indoor Stadium (capacity: 12,000). Hirata faces off against Ham Seo-hee at the mixed martial arts atom level.

The two were scheduled to face off at ‘One Championship 163’ in November 2022. However, the match with Ham Seo-hee was canceled as Hirata failed to pass the weigh-in.

In an interview with the One Championship official website, Hirata said, “I was thrilled with the renegotiation offer. I just want to thank the organizers for giving me another chance. Ham Seo-hee, thank you for waiting,” he said politely.

Ham Seo-hee is a world class ranked No. 1 in the world by the third quarter of 2021. In the One Championship, he won two consecutive victories over third-place Dennis Samboanga (26, Philippines) and is ranked second in the official rankings.

In 2013-2014, DEEP Jewels and in 2019, Raijin climbed to the top and conquered the Japanese stage. When discussing the history of women’s mixed martial arts, no matter how underestimated it is, it is a legend that must be included in the 30 people.

When the 2022 match was confirmed, Hirata shouted, “I will enter the official ranking by defeating Ham Seo-hee.” At the time, the Hong Kong daily newspaper ‘South China Morning Post’ said, “It was a confrontation that Hirata kept requesting for One Championship and was concluded. She has been telling me that if she wins, she will give me the right to challenge for the title.” 메이저놀이터

Ham Seo-hee said ahead of ‘One Championship 163’, “There are many great fighters in the atom class. Hirata seems to be thinking about entering the official rankings easily. She seems to be greedy or sets her goals too high.”

Hirata said, “Playing against Ham Seo-hee means that I have a great chance to reach the top of the One Championship. She will enter the game with the mindset of a challenger and show her skills.”

In 2018, Hirata defeated ▲Double G Atomweight Champion Park Bo-hyun (Korea) ▲K-1 -45kg title challenger Mio Tsumura (Japan) ▲DEEP -44kg title challenger Mizuki Furuze (Japan) to qualify for the One Championship. Reached the top of Fighting Proxy War season 3.

It is noteworthy that at the One Championship, she defeated Total Warrior Combat Atomweight Champion Alice Anderson (USA). His record in mixed martial arts, including 1 win in amateur and 3 victories in proxy fighting, is 10 wins and 1 loss.


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