Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

“I oppose medical subsidy cuts”… Another massive protest in China

Thousands of elderly people gathered in Wuhan, China, to protest the government’s cuts in medical subsidies.

Starting with the ‘blank protest’ at the end of last year, protests against government policies are continuing.

Correspondent Lim Guangbin in Beijing.


This is the street in front of Wuhan City Hall, Hubei Province, China.

Numerous people with umbrellas are shouting at the government building.

<Sound on scene> “Wow~”

Recently, the Wuhan city government started reforming the medical insurance and cut the drug subsidy for retirees by a third, but protests broke out.

Elderly people who were concerned that the burden of medical expenses would increase with this reform plan raised their voices to the authorities to withdraw the reform plan.

<Demonstrator> “They only point the knife at the elderly. Isn’t it natural to point the knife at the public officials first? Cut the same from you guys. It’s ridiculous.”

He also announced that he would reopen a large-scale rally on the 15th when retirees and veterans gather if they do not receive a proper answer from the government. 안전놀이터

The Socialist Revolutionary ‘Internationalist’ also sang around the police car.

<Hyeonjangeum> “Do not say that we are nothing. We must become the masters of the world. This is the final struggle. Let’s unite until tomorrow.”

Chinese netizens criticized the authorities for the price of the Corona 19 PCR test over the past three years.

In China, starting with the ‘blank protest’ at the end of last year, collective actions criticizing government policies are continuing.

Attention is also focused on the Chinese authorities’ response ahead of the Two Sessions next month, when President Xi Jinping’s third term in power will begin in earnest.

This is Yonhap News TV Lim Kwang-bin from Beijing.


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