Thursday Jun 08, 2023

“I really hate this place” or “I hate pitch clock”, Controversy over remarks made by a shortstop in the US national team

Tim Anderson (White Sox), who played for the US national team in the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic), was embroiled in controversy. The problem was what he said quietly to Jose Abreu (Houston), his teammate until last year.

Anderson unintentionally provoked fans in a game against the Houston Astros held at the home stadium, Guaranteed Rate Field, on the 15th (Korean time). Then, he threw something at Abreu, which sparked controversy as it was captured on the broadcast screen.

Anderson hit in the fifth and stayed on first base. Afterwards, Houston catcher Martin Maldonado was unable to run to second base while fumbling the ball. At this point, White Sox fans booed. Anderson shook his head and made a troubling remark towards Abreu.

He says “I hate this place” or “I hate this pitch clock”.

And this scene became controversial as it spread on social media.

The reason for the booing from the fans was clear. It is because of the disappointment of the fans about the results. The White Sox had 14 wins and 27 losses prior to this game, and were in fourth place in the Central Division of the American League.

The White Sox went 81-81 last year, ranking second in the division. This year, as manager Tony La Russa resigned and manager Pedro Grifol was appointed, I believed that we would be able to challenge for the playoffs again, but the reality was grim.안전놀이터

If so, what was the content of Anderson’s remarks that followed? The only thing that can be confirmed on the broadcast screen is the shape of Anderson’s mouth. No voice comes out. Many thought he was frustrated with the booing and said “I really hate it here,” but others saw it as “I hate Pitch Clock.”

Anderson indirectly clarified that his words were not directed at his fans. White Sox reporter Chuck Gaffin tweeted on the 16th, “It has been confirmed that Anderson told Abreu about pitch clock in the last game.”

Regardless of the authenticity of the remarks, Anderson’s future was again in the spotlight. Anderson will qualify as a free agent when the club option expires in 2024. American media outlets such as Sporting News predicted that Anderson could be a potential trade candidate.


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