Friday Mar 31, 2023

“I saw my eyes for the first time” Abando suffering from a cold, it is premature to return

 It seems that it will take longer than expected for Philippine Asia Quarter Lens Abando (KGC) to return. Director Kim Sang-sik explained, “I think it will be difficult to return quickly.”

Anyang KGC will have a 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league home game against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation at Anyang Gymnasium on the 29th.

KGC moved home after playing an away game against Changwon LG on the 28th. It is a back-to-back schedule with a long moving distance, but it is a back-to-back schedule that Gas Corporation greeted after a third overtime fight against Seoul SK on the 28th. Director Kim Sang-sik also said, “I’m tired, but so are my opponents. (Stamina problem) seems to be similar. I think it will be a battle of concentration.”

It is expected that it will take longer than originally expected for Abando to return. Abando has been absent since the All-Star break due to a deterioration in physical condition from a cold. Coach Sang-sik Kim predicted that Abando would “return soon” prior to the match against LG on the 28th, but the temperature difference widened throughout the day.

Director Kim Sang-sik said, “I think it will be difficult to return quickly. I don’t know how relevant it is, but since I’m a player from a hot country, it seems that there are ups and downs. He has heard similar things about other Filipino players,” he said. According to a KGC official, Abando also said, “It’s the first time I’ve actually seen snow” over the recent heavy snowfall in Korea. 안전놀이터

On the other hand, KGC has a back-to-back schedule, but there is no change in the starting lineup. As with the LG game on the 28th, the starting lineup consisted of Byun Jun-hyung, Bae Byung-jun, Moon Seong-gon, Oh Se-geun, and Omari Spellman.


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