Thursday Sep 21, 2023

I still can’t admit it… 伊 Journalist “Kim Min-jae is an ordinary player, I don’t understand”

There are people who still cannot acknowledge Kim Min-jae. An Italian journalist evaluated Kim Min-jae as an ‘ordinary player’.

According to Arena Naples on the 6th (Korean time), Francesco Marolda, a famous Italian journalist, said, “I heard a lot of curses and curses in the past for devaluing Kim Min-jae, but my opinion has not changed.”

Marolda insisted that Min-jae Kim’s skills were inflated, saying, “The recent match against Spezia was also normal. Min-jae Kim was not threatened by the opponent’s striker.”

In a recent match against Spezia, Kim Min-jae, along with his best friend Amir Rahmani, played as a center back and led to a scoreless victory. 스포츠토토

As Marolda said, it is true that there were not many threatening scenes to Kim Min-jae as Napoli took 70% of the possession, but Kim Min-jae had a 91% pass success rate, created 1 opportunity, 1 clearance, 5 recoveries, etc. showed

Not just this game, but the entire season was great.

Although this season is his first season at Napoli, he took the starting center back position as soon as he transferred, and is trusted enough to start in most matches.

With his solid physique, strong physical fights, and quick speed despite his tall stature, he is helping Napoli raise the defensive line to a slightly higher position.

Due to his performance, he was awarded the Serie A Player of the Month award and was selected as one of the best 11 in the first half of Serie A by the British press.

Thanks to this, Napoli is not only running at the top of the league alone, but is also looking forward to advancing to the quarterfinals, the best ever, by reaching the round of 16 in the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League.

Director Luigi de Canio Ternana, who was with Marolda, said, “I agree with Marolda’s opinion, but I can’t agree with Min-jae Kim. It made it impossible,” he pointed out.


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