Monday Mar 27, 2023

“I will not be satisfied here” Hyo-jong Kang of LG Younggun heading to the opening rotation

 It was proved that the command tower’s praise was not an exaggeration. The opening rotation is also visible while completing the mission in the first demonstration game. Hyo-Jong Kang (21) of LG Younggun made a meaningful fight.

On the 16th, Kang Hyo-jong started in an exhibition game against Samsung held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu. He completed his task, throwing 52 pitches, giving up no runs on 2 hits, 1 walk and 4 strikeouts in 3 innings. Recorded 150 km at the highest speed of the fastball. The pitch distribution was 21 fastballs, 18 sliders, 9 curveballs, and 4 changeups.메이저사이트

He didn’t just show off his strong pitch. He struck out a swing with a sharp breaking ball. After 2 strikes, he struck out 4 while using curves and sliders confidently. Against left-handed hitter Kang Han-wool, he induced a strikeout on a swing with a changeup. He showed high-level pitching by setting a strike count with a breaking ball and inducing a miss swing.

He didn’t waver even after a defensive error. In the bottom of the second inning, Song Chan-eui made an error on Kim Jae-sang’s batted ball with 2 outs on 1st and 2nd base, and the bases were loaded. However, he overcame the crisis by handling Kim Hyeon-jun with a curveball as a shortstop grounder. The last inning, the bottom of the 3rd inning, was decorated with a triple attack. Before the game, “I hope Hyojong will do well today. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop, who said, “I have such high expectations,” came true.

The following is Q&A with Kang Hyo-jong and reporters after the game.

– Looking back at today’s pitching?
Last year, I showed my lack of confidence and I couldn’t control myself. I think I showed my confidence on the mound today. I think my pitching has improved a lot too. This part is satisfactory.

-Director Yeom Kyung-yeop praised it and expected a lot. How did you come to me?
I am grateful that the director thought well of me. And he vowed to do better so that he could live up to the director’s expectations.

– It is said that the tracking data is also very good. Do you feel that the RPM (revolutions per minute) is high?
I do not know. I promise myself to throw with confidence. I didn’t think much of the revs.

– Your pitching was good from camp bullpen pitching. What is the secret to getting caught?
Coach Kim Kyung-tae was very helpful. I changed my throwing with coach Kim Kyung-tae, and after that, I got the ball. I showed good form from the last game last year, but I think the changes I made last year are working.

-Today, against Kang Han-wool, I struck out on a swing with a changeup. Has your changeup improved?
I wasn’t good at bullpen pitching. Even so, when I entered the game, I did well without knowing it.

– Did the overall ball combination follow catcher Park Dong-won?
He followed Dongwon senior and sometimes threw what I wanted to throw. When I struck out, there was a combination senior Dongwon and a combination I requested.

-What do you think is the second type of pitch after the fastball?
I always said I was confident in my slider, but looking at it today, I like my curve. Through today’s game, I also gained confidence in my curveball.

-From the off-season, the opening rotation was the goal. It seems we are getting closer to our goal little by little.
That’s part of the director’s decision. Still, I think I just have to do my best. I will not be satisfied here. I will continue to prepare well and show a good performance in the next game.


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