Monday Mar 27, 2023

If Samsung goes to the top 5, the Korean baseball game will change… what does it mean

The Samsung Lions took a unique path in the All Stove League.

Like other teams, they did not invest large amounts of money to recruit large players. Rather, two internal free agents were taken away.

Their missing positions will be filled by young rookies. It can be said that a very radical generational change was attempted. Even so, he said he would make up for the lack of training. So their attempts are approaching very fresh.

Samsung is the only team among the 10 clubs to leave the November finish camp abroad. I was able to use the Okinawa Onna Village Stadium, which has the best training facilities.

It can be said that the money spent on recruiting players was replaced with training expenses.

Park Jin-man, the new Samsung coach, expressed great satisfaction with the finishing camp. “All the players trained with their teeth clenched. Even though the schedule was by no means easy, he trained until the end without any dropouts. I know that there are concerns about weakening the team power. We try to fill that gap with training. Intense training will also be conducted in the spring camp,” he said.

It is a decision that goes against the recent trend.

Recently, the KBO League has created an atmosphere that seems to be competing to see who can reduce the amount of training more. It has become common for coaches to focus on managing their players’ stamina rather than resourcefulness or tactics.

This is why Samsung’s attempt has come anew. If Samsung creates a wind this season, the trend of Korean professional baseball may change again.

So is the catcher trade. Anyone can see that Samsung needs a catcher and a bullpen pitcher. But Samsung won’t budge if the card doesn’t fit. The standards are so high that you can’t get Samsung’s catchers with quite a few cards.

Although there are concerns about the lack of pitching in the bullpen, manager Park Jin-man calculated that this can also be covered through training 스포츠토토. He makes it clear that he will never do business at a bottom.

This is also contrary to the recent trend. In baseball these days, when you see a card you need, you start recruiting even if you suffer a loss. However, Samsung is showing its will to make up for the lack of a bullpen on its own. This is also possible because we believe in the power of training.

What effect will Samsung’s training have on actual performance? Can we achieve good results by filling in the gaps with training alone without reinforcing our strength?

If Samsung succeeds, it is clear that other teams will follow them. Because trends come and go. This is why Samsung’s new attempt draws more attention.

Will Samsung be able to change the game of the league by producing immediate results this season? Many eyes are watching Samsung’s attempt closely.


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