Sunday Mar 26, 2023

“If you think it will be too late, you should leave at all”… Absence of 156km finish, salt quantity is long-term view

“If you think you will be late, you should leave at all leisurely.”

The LG Twins, led by coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, delivered a piece of news on the 15th. It was the news of the close examination of Go Woo-seok, who finished the ‘156km Fireballer’.

LG said, “On the 15th, Ko Woo-seok underwent a detailed examination at Neon Orthopedic Surgery (Director Park Jin-young) in Seoul. He needs two weeks of pitching rest and drug treatment due to inflammation of the supraspinatus muscle, one of the rotator cuff muscles in his right shoulder.”

On the 6th, Woo-seok Ko felt symptoms of cramping in his neck while pitching in an evaluation match against the Orix Buffaloes against the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). As a result of examination at a WBC-designated hospital, he was diagnosed with simple muscle pain, but he could not get on the mound. Because he wasn’t getting any better.토토사이트

The WBC team entered Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 14th, and the players returned to their respective teams.

LG joined the team on the afternoon of the 15th, except for Go Woo-seok, with only five players from the WBC. On the 15th, Ko Woo-suk checked his condition from various angles by taking an MRI, which was not taken in Japan, at the hospital checkup. As a result, his shoulder inflammation was found.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop said at a meeting with reporters on the 16th, “The season is long. It would be nice if it could be in time for the opening, but if it’s a little late, it could come a week after the opening. However, if I want to be late, I plan to make preparations with plenty of time. If the speed of rehabilitation is good, it can be pulled, but if it is not good, I will slow it down. It’s a long season, so it’s good to recover and go.”

Go Woo-seok plans to prepare for the season at the Icheon LG Champions Park rehabilitation team for the time being. Lee Jung-yong and Lee Woo-chan take turns taking Ko Woo-seok’s vacant seat.

Ko Woo-seok is one of the best closers in the KBO. He had a career high season last season, recording 4 wins, 2 losses, 42 saves, and an ERA of 1.48 in 61 games. He became the king of salvation for the first time in his debut.

On the other hand, excluding Go Woo-seok, the LG 5 members who participated in the WBC joined the team on the afternoon of the 15th. Park Hae-min and Oh Ji-hwan played against Samsung on the 16th, and Kim Hyun-soo did not play, but was on the waiting list. Pitchers Jung Woo-young and Kim Yun-sik, who started with Ko Woo-seok, are also scheduled to pitch against the KIA Tigers in Gwangju on the 21st.


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