Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Il Media “Kim Min-jae returns to Naples training on the 21st”, Skipping the friendly match on the 22nd and focusing on Inter

‘Monster defender’ Kim Min-jae (26) joins the official training of his team Napoli.

On the 20th (hereinafter Korean time), Italian media ‘Calcio Napoli 24’ said, “It is good news for Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti. join,” he said.

Napoli players who participated in the World Cup are scheduled to return 15 days from the day after their last match. Kim Min-jae, who left through Incheon International Airport on the 15th, recovers the time difference for 5 days and returns to the team on the 21st. It is 15 days after the round of 16 match against Brazil on the 6th.

A total of five players participated in the World Cup in Qatar from Naples. Among them, three players packed their bags in the group stage. These are Irving Lozano from Mexico, Andre-Frank Jambo Angusa from Cameroon, and Matthias Olivera from Uruguay. According to the media, after returning to the team, they practiced recovery training indoors, and then came to the training ground on the 19th to conduct individual training.

The stage of the World Cup round of 16 was played by Zielinski and Kim Min-jae from Poland. This day was his return day, as Zielinski finished the round of 16 against France on the 5th. The Italian daily newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ said, “Zielinski will return on the 20th, and Kim Min-jae will return on the 21st.”

However, 토토사이트 there is a high possibility that Kim Min-jae will not play in the friendly match against Lille (France) scheduled for the 22nd. It seems that he will concentrate on treating the calf injured during the World Cup. In the end, he plans to focus on the 16th round of Serie A against Inter Milan on January 5 next year, his first official match after the World Cup break, and build his body.

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