Thursday Sep 21, 2023

It’s been 4-5 months since I caught a baseball… Top talent in women’s baseball 

It has only been 4-5 months since I caught the baseball, but I am competing with outstanding colleagues. Han Shi-yul (15), who is regarded as the best talent in women’s baseball, is the main character.

Han Si-yul participated in the ‘2023 Women’s Baseball National Team Standing Army Tournament’ held at the Hwaseong Dream Park baseball field on the 18th.

Han Shi-yul, born in 2008, is a third-year middle school student. She is still young, not even a high school student. According to WBSC rules, she cannot join the national team this year. Even in this situation, it is clear why Han Shi-yul was called. It is the judgment of the coaching staff that she is a talent to watch. In fact, Yang Sang-moon, the women’s baseball team coach, mentioned the name of Han Si-yul while talking about the future of the national team.

The reason why Han Si-yul is considered a special talent is because of his young age, but his infinite growth potential. He has only been holding a baseball in earnest for 4-5 months. In a short period of time, he is expected to be considered as the next ace of the national team.

Han Shi-yul said, “It’s only been 4-5 months since I started playing baseball. Compared to that period, my speed is relatively fast. I think being taller than normal women will be my strength.” I pitched a lot. I practiced batting a lot at the batting arena. There are many good players, so I wonder if I can survive in this position.”

Han Shi-yul is growing little by little under the guidance of coach Song Chang-shik, who played in the KBO. He is improving his skills with a strong mentor who is from a professional background. In particular, Coach Song was hooked on the main weapon curve, which he had a lot of fun with during his professional life. He said, “I think it’s good that Coach Song taught me the form or method to use in practice rather than theoretically. The form has become much more natural. (Coach) showed me a curve last time and it was really cool. I want to be a pitcher,” he said.

Han Shi-yul made a strong determination, dreaming of the day when he would one day wear the Taegeuk mark. “If I wear the Taegeuk mark, I think I will pay attention to each and every action with pride,” he said. I wish I could.” He smiled. 바카라사이트

While the Cheongbaekjeon was held on this day, Han Si-yul appeared as a starting pitcher in the second game. He came down the mound after one inning of pitching. With much anticipation, his top-notch talent opened in earnest.


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