Monday Mar 27, 2023

It’s not Samsung’s future, it’s the present… Expectations for ‘New Keystone Combi’

Although they are young, the expectations they place on them are high. The departure of the veterans put a heavy burden on their shoulders. Samsung Lions ‘New Keystone Combi’ Kim Ji-chan (22) and Lee Jae-hyeon (20) are responsible for the present, not the team’s future. 안전놀이터

This season, Samsung is packing the center line with the youngest Keystone duo. Other players may be able to take the spot through competition in spring training, but it is highly likely that Ji-chan Kim will play second base and Jae-hyun Lee will play shortstop. All of them are young in their early 20s, but they have already proven their competitiveness to some extent.

Kim Ji-chan, a native of Raongo, joined Samsung with the 15th pick in the 2nd round of the 2nd round in the 2020 draft. He was given a chance from his debut season, and for 3 years he steadily drew a growth curve. His defense as well as his hitting ability have steadily improved. In his last season, he was sidelined by a thigh injury, but posted a batting average of 0.280 (101 hits in 361 at-bats) and an on-base percentage of 0.361 in 113 games. He rooted for the second baseman spot.


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