Thursday Sep 21, 2023

It’s sad that we lost first place… Arsenal, worried about injury to key midfielders

A super-emergency situation has come to Arsenal. In the game where even the first place was given up, there were concerns about injury even to the key midfielder.

Arsenal are on their best streak this season. From the beginning of the league, coach Mikel Arteta showed off his tremendous firepower with the tactics he had cultivated. By January, it had achieved results in capturing not only clubs in the middle and lower ranks, but also clubs competing in the upper ranks.

It’s been a little creaky lately. After losing the FA Cup to Manchester City, they lost 0-1 to Everton and drew 1-1 with Brentford. In addition, in the home match against Manchester City, which was called the de facto final, they lost 1-3 and gave up the lead. 안전놀이터

Currently, Manchester City and Arsenal are tied with 51 points, but lead by 10 points on goal difference. Although Arsenal played one game less, the gap has definitely narrowed. The red light was turned on for the championship competition. Regarding Partey’s injury, coach Mikel Arteta said: “It happens in football. Players are injured and unfortunately Partey felt something in his back muscle. He is unavailable today. We don’t know. It’s part of football. I I think Jorginho played a good game and we have to evaluate how bad the party is.”

There were even casualties and injuries. Thomas Party, the ‘core of the midfield’, not another player, is in danger of being out. Partey was left out of the roster against Manchester City last week due to a muscle problem. The spot was filled by Jorginho, who was brought in from the transfer market last winter. Even until the day before the game, he showed up at the training ground, but it seems that there was a problem with his muscles after all.

Recently, an injury was also suspected. The party left the field after the first half, complaining of discomfort in the FA Cup 4th round against Man City. At the time, British ‘Sky Sports’ reported that “Party will undergo an MRI this weekend after suffering an injury in the FA Cup fourth round match against Manchester City.” Fortunately, he started both the next two games, but now he can’t even sit on the bench.


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